Lessors of Real Property, NEC

35,190 companies in Lessors of Real Property, NEC


Lessors of Real Property, NEC (35,190)

Airport Leasing, If Not Operating Airport (82)

   Indianapolis Airport Authority

   Petrowing Ltd

   Southwest Aviation

   Alan Chesnut

   Circle J Aero Inc

   E I C Enterprises, Ltd

   O'brien Airpark

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Farm Land Leasing (15,247)

   Naomi Muncy

   Daurer CO

   Grace Farm

   Schueth Farm, Darlene

   Jim Herda

   Harold Smith

   Daniel Michalski

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Landholding Office (576)

   Fishers Island Development Corporation

   Cloverfield-Kingston House

   First Place Management Inc

   Land Use

   D & M Family Limited Partnership

   Grason Business Organization

   H Corp Development Inc

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Lessors of Real Property (Unclassified) (17,650)

   La Dell Realty, Inc

   Bridges Jr, John William

   Renaissance Property Managers

   Sushil Property Maintenance

   Illustrated Properties Delray

   Linda Smith Real Estate

   Ismael Sanchez

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Mine Property Leasing (148)

   Barney, LLC

   Roberta Coal Company Inc

   Lyme Stone Ranch Apartments

   Charles Degravelles

   Hills Indep Land Service

   Headley Property Management And Maintenance LLC

   John W Hamilton DDS

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Oil Properties (89)

   Nye, Clark

   O'Neal, Stuart D

   Associated Resources Inc

   Double Diamond Petroleum

   Axis Oil & Gas Corp

   Asher Resources

   Sport Jones

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Oil Property Management (50)

   Petroleum Enterprises

   Tml Properties LLC


   Whitesands Operating LLC


   J-W Operating CO

   Grasso Production Mgmt Inc

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Real Property Lessors, Nec, Nec (15)

   Rental Solutions Management LLC

   Giron Investments

   Professional Property Management Services

   Equitable Property Management

   Palmer Realty Inc

   Alcor Ventures LLC

   Mccoy Properties LLC

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Sub-Lessors of Real Estate (1,333)

   Cox Properties

   Rush 2 Realty

   Terlis Incorporated

   Bright Futures LLC

   D & B, Inc

   Regus/Hq Business Center

   Ramirez Real Estate LLC

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