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Numana Inc

El Dorado
KS 67042-2138
Phone: (316) 452-5445

Category: Social Service Center

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Company representatives

Rick McNary, Founder / President / CEO
Phone: 316.452.5445
Email: moc.cnianamun@kcir

Mark Owens, Director of Development
Phone: 316.737.6255
Email: moc.cnianamun@kram

Courtney James, Director of Marketing
Phone: 316.452.5445
Email: moc.cnianamun@yentruoc

Jay Lewis, Regional Partnership Development
Phone: 316.204.3180
Email: moc.cnianamun@yaj

Rachelle Nebergall, Director of Events & Volunteers
Phone: 316.452.5445
Email: moc.cnianamun@ellehcar

Caleb McNary, Director of Communications & Advocacy
Phone: 316.452.5445
Email: moc.cnianamun@belac

About Numana Inc

Nonprofit hunger relief and food system organization with the mission to empower people to save the starving.

Enough food is produced in the world for every person to have 4.3 lbs of food every day. But the reality is, hunger and starvation continues to torment children, adults and families. Numana can help you make a difference. Our mission is to empower people to save the starving by raising awareness, providing actionable solutions and encouraging advocacy. Through volunteer-driven, hands on meal packaging events, Numana enables others to send meals to countries where intense food insecurity exists. Numana wants to partner with you. Read the facts and share them with friends, investigate sponsoring an event, volunteer at an event near you or donate to Numana to help fund the on-going hunger relief efforts. Join us!

Products and Services

  • Food Packaging Events
  • Sustainable Community Food Systems
  • Community Gardens

Business categories

  • Community Services
  • Training Consultants

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10 to 19

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  • Numana Food Packaging
  • Numana Gardens


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