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Company owners and people responsible for company promotion now have a unique opportunity to promote their business using Amfibi company entry (together with logos, images, videos and detailed company descriptions).

Creating a company entry on Amfibi will result in your company being listed on Amfibi immediatelly after review and subsequently you will gain exposure and free traffic to your websites. It can significantly help your business to attract new customers.

If your company is interested to present a special offer, we will be happy to assist you, all you need to do is to contact us. Company entry with special offer will be prioritized in listings, and it will be given special prominent places on Amfibi. You can already find almost 21 million entries of various companies and their subsidiaries on Amfibi for the USA alone.

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If your company is listed on Amfibi and you can't remember ever having registered at Amfibi, there is an easy way to explain this. Some of the information in our database has been registered by crawling open-access corporate data available on the Internet, so there is a chance that your company details come from this source. It's also possible that your colleagues, friends or family members have registered your company on Amfibi.

You can check if your business is already listed on Amfibi here:

Check your company name

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What's a Bot?

A Bot is common parlance on the Internet for a software program that is a software agent. A Bot interacts with other network services intended for people as if it were a real person. One typical use of bots is to gather information. The term is derived from the word "robot", reflecting the autonomous character in the "virtual robot"-ness of the concept.

The most common bots are web agents that interface with web pages. Web crawlers or spiders are web robots that recursively gather web-page information.
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Cabot is Amfibi's web-crawling robot. It collects businesses information from the web to build a searchable index for the Amfibi company directory.

Information for webmasters

Cabot obeys the robots.txt exclusion standard, described at http://www.robotstxt.org/. Thus to prevent Cabot agent to crawl pages from your site, place the following in your robots.txt file:

User-agent: Cabot
Disallow: /