Metal Heat Treating

1,028 company in Metal Heat Treating


Metal Heat Treating (1,028)

Annealing of Metal (11)

   Austemper Inc

   Super Steel Treating CO

   Northlake Steel Corp

   Gerdau Macsteel Atmosphere

   Tri-J Metal Heat Treating Co

   Michigan Wire Processing CO

   Temperature Processing CO Inc

   Metal Treating & Research CO

   Hy-Vac Technologies Inc

   Ferndale Fasteners

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Brazing (Hardening) of Metal (59)

   Advanced Flame Hardening Inc

   Rogers Metal Services, Inc

   Bodycote Techni-Braze Inc

   Reynolds Hard Metal LLC

   Bennett Heat Treating/Brazing

   Kinton Carbide Inc

   Certified Metal Craft

   Chicago Flame Hardening Co


   Lake County Work Hardening

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Heat Treating Metal Manufacturers (211)

   American Heat Treat Furnaces

   Allegheny Heat Treating

   Houston Nitriding

   Bodycote Thermal Processing

   Alfred Heller Heat Treating CO

   Even Temper Cryogenics

   Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corp

   Bodycote Imt Inc

   Electro Seal Corp

   Factory Standards Lab Inc

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Metal Burning (9)

   Induction Services Inc

   Commercial Heat Treating Inc

   Samuel Plate Processing

   Espes Design & Manufacturing

   O' Leary, Keith Kevin

   D & M Welding CO

   Robinson Recycling

   Chicago Flame Hardening CO

   Steelworks Inc

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Metal Heat Treating (676)

   Bodycote Thermal Processing

   Accurate Steel Treating

   Ward Heat Treating

   Donohoo Steel Treating CO

   The Flame Treating & Engineering Company

   Hall Steel Corp

   Thermal Treatment Center Inc

   Industrial Heat Treating, Inc

   Macon Treating Company

   High Speed Steel Treating Co

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Shot Peening Manufacturers (46)

   Peen-Rite, Inc

   Heat Treat Corp of America

   Aeronautical Service CO

   Federal Industrial Services Inc

   Welco CO

   Federal Industrial Services Inc

   Metal Improvement CO

   National Shot Peening Inc

   Metal Improvement CO

   Maximum Impact Metal Finishing Incorporated

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Tempering of Metal (16)

   Chicago Induction Metal Trtng

   Camarena Partnership Inc

   Lucency Corp

   State Heat Treating CO

   Steel Processing CO

   Diversified Cryogenics, Inc

   Byington Steel Treating Inc

   Cryogenic Technologies, LLC

   Gerdau Atmosphere Annealing

   Applied Thermal Tempering

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