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Vignari Gallery

Deerfield Beach
FL 33443
Phone: (954) 425-8207

Category: Art Centers
Email: ten.tsacmoc@irangivsecnarf

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Company representatives

John Vignari, Owner of Fine Art Gallery Paintings
Phone: 954-425-8207

John Vignari, Owner
Phone: 954-425-8207

About Vignari Gallery

John Vignari is a noted International artist, educator, author, instructor and lecturer, a versatile artist, one of a kind paintings.

John T. Vignari is a noted international artist, educator, instructor, lecturer and author. He is one of the most prolific professional artist or our time. Mr. Vignari was born in New York City where he began his art career in 1955
His early works refect his facination with the sea, a versatile artist, his art progressed from marine to impressionism, abstract expressionism and currently to Vignari-ism a unique art form he calls "Freedom Flow".
Vignari is a world class artist and a professional member of the International Society of Marine Painters. He was in the National Guard and served in the armed forces a veteran. Latest award: Best of Deerfield Beach 2011 Vignari Gallery
Three-Time Award Winner 2009-2010-2011 presented by: U.S. Commerce Association.
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Products and Services

  • Oil paintings
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Lithographs


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Three-Time Award Winner, 2009-2010-2011 Presented by: U.S. Commerce Association Best of Deerfield Beach 2011, Vignari Gallery


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