Patent Owners and Lessors

3,175 companies in Patent Owners and Lessors


Patent Owners and Lessors (3,175)

Copyright Buying and Licensing (140)

   Mirage Studios Inc

   Lassen Worldwide Licensing

   Vip Foods, Inc

   United Feature Syndicate Inc

   Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, Pa

   Welcome Enterprises Inc

   Webless Block Inc

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Copywriters (30)

   Laif Copy-Writing Company

   Copywriters Council

   Customline Wordware

   Precise Authoring Services


   Portico Communications, LLC

   Freelancecopy Biz

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Franchising (1,687)

   Luck & Assoc LLC

   Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation

   Franchise Marketing Associates Ltd

   Futurekids, Inc

   Criterium Engineers

   Wings Over Amherst

   Franchise Growth Systems

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Music Licensing To Radio Stations (406)

   Wpop New Talk Radio 1410


   Kroz Transmitter

   Northshore Radio


   Kma Radio


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Music Licensing and Royalties (118)

   Young Pals Music

   San Juan Music Group



   The Coalition Network

   337 Music LLC

   Banyan Entertainment

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Music Royalties, Sheet and Record (44)

   NewCharles Entertainment

   Amfm Studios Limited Liability Company

   Gaither Music

   New York End Limited

   Brandon Enterprises

   Mozote Music Corporation

   Down Dirty Records Inc

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Patent Buying, Licensing, Leasing (184)

   Prairie Winds International, Inc

   Centerline Homes Inc

   Inches-A-Weigh USA LLC

   Davison & Associates Inc

   Dakx, LLC

   Astle Corporation

   First Lease

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Patent Owners and Lessors (476)

   Performance Indicator LLC

   Peach Holdings, LLC

   Gnc Acquisition Holdings Inc

   Jo Tankers Bv

   Refugee Women's Alliance

   Global Plastics Recovery Incorporated

   Global Matrechs Inc

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Patent Owners and Lessors (36)

   Hyperseal Inc

   Capital Cleaning Concepts Inc

   Lightbus Technology Inc

   Veritas Investment Management, LLC

   Pool Plaster Solutions Llc

   Schlaifer Nance & CO Inc

   Patent House

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Performance Rights, Publishing and Licensing (54)

   Supernaw Music Inc

   American Society Of Composers, Authors And Publishers

   Golfey Inc

   East Coast Proformance

   Hbb, Inc (Not Inc)

   Nam Performance

   Statatrader, LLC

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