Patent Owners and Lessors

3,175 companies in Patent Owners and Lessors


Patent Owners and Lessors (3,175)

Copyright Buying and Licensing (140)

   Bradford Licensing Associates


   Sptc Inc

   Just Holdings, LLC

   Global Merchandise Service Inc

   Ecomass Technologies

   M J Biologics Inc

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Copywriters (30)

   Copywriters Council

   Fresh Copy

   SEO Content Services

   Customline Wordware

   Copy Page

   Purple Pen Copywriting

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Franchising (1,687)

   European Heritage Trust

   Franchise Traders, Inc

   Physical Therapy Provider

   Ba-Le Sandwiches & Bakery

   Axxoim Franchise Advisors

   Royal Hospitality Corp

   Realty 500

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Music Licensing To Radio Stations (406)


   Premiere Radio

   Ksrd Radio

   Bott Radio

   New Radio Group

   Performing Radio

   Haiti Radio Innovation

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Music Licensing and Royalties (118)

   Big Yellow Dog Music LLC

   Emi Mills Music

   American Mechanical Rights Agency, Inc

   Xhadi Productions Rock

   Music Alternatives, LLC

   Jazzworkshop Inc

   Colgems-Emi Music Inc

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Music Royalties, Sheet and Record (44)

   Gaither Music

   Hisol Recordings

   Max Music

   Certifyed One Entertainment Group, LLC


   Courtney Marie Productions Inc.

   Lawanda K Macik

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Patent Buying, Licensing, Leasing (184)



   Fpl Energy Post Wind Gp, LLC

   Liquid Elevator Inc

   Technology Properties Limited

   Interdigital Advanced Technologies Inc

   Delta Coltages Inc

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Patent Owners and Lessors (476)

   Wonderland Music Company, Inc

   The Raggedy's Ltd

   Subsea Ip Holdings LLC

   Dualcurrency Systems

   S F C Corp

   Performance Indicator LLC

   Atwood Bell, LLC

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Patent Owners and Lessors (36)

   Rusty Mountain Trading Co.

   Autotech Franchise Systems Inc

   Blue Rose Productions LLC

   Clc Williams Inc

   Patents360 Inc

   Schlaifer Nance & CO Inc

   Patentronics LLC

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Performance Rights, Publishing and Licensing (54)

   Larry Harmon Pictures Corp

   Golfey Inc

   Energy Corp

   James Dean Inc

   Annette Kirk

   Hbb, Inc (Not Inc)

   Jtc Music Group, Inc

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