Caremore Medical Enterprises

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Caremore Medical Enterprises

191 W Esperanza Blvd
Green Valley
AZ 85614
Phone: 520-791-7300

Category: Health Plans

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Company representatives

Alan Hoops, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Leeba Lessin, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

John Kao, President, Management Services Organization

Lily Pamanian, Business Operations Manager

About Caremore Medical Enterprises

CareMore is a key leader in Medicare.

As one of the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plans, CareMore serves more than 53,000 members in California, Nevada and Arizona. CareMore offers a variety of health plans for Medicare beneficiaries, including plans for healthy seniors, people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart disease. CareMore's plans and benefits provide their members with health care that fits their lifestyle and budget. With excellent physicians and hospitals to choose from, members receive the healthcare they deserve.

Products and Services

  • Medicare Advantage Health Plan

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500 to 999

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