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Accel Controls, Inc

7551 Dashi Place
Canoga Park
CA 91304-5707
Phone: (818) 993-7119

Category: Infrared Sensors, Solid State

Company representatives

Karim Zekkani, Principal

Dirac Wang, Chief Engineer of R & D

About Accel Controls, Inc

Particle sensor for gas detector in the Internet of Things

1) Co-op with Motorola Research Center, research Freescale new MCU MC68HC908GP32 and MC68HC908GT16, based on its main features: a. High-performance M68HC08 architecture optimized for C-compilers. b. 32 KB of on-chip FLASH memory with in-circuit programming capabilities of FLASH program memory and security. C. High 10-ma sink/10-ma source capability on all port pins. I select GP32 to design new detector circuit and code C program to control relays and output display. My detector is more dependable and stable than other products in the market. I used Protel software to design PCB, and then assemble, calibrate, test with my C/C++ and assembler code and troubleshot them, with help from Analog/Amplifier Dept. of National Semiconductors.
2) Currently I am developing new 4 combined into 1 multi-

Products and Services

  • Portable Gas Detectors


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