13,728 companies in Electronics


Electronics (13,728)

Electron Tubes (150)

   Power Electronics & Systems, Inc

   Sony Electronics Inc

   Passur Aerospace

   Communications & Power Industries, Inc

   Enrich International Company

   Delft Electronic Products, Inc

   Dcx-Chol Enterprises, Inc

   Association-Medical Device

   T & F Sales

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Electronic Capacitors (205)

   Acee, Inc

   Cornell Dubilier Electronics

   Vishay Roederstein Electronics

   Steinerfilm Inc

   Bycap Inc

   Corry Micronics, Inc

   Philips Electronics North America Corporation

   Marjon Environmental Investments Inc

   Props America Inc

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Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors (629)

   Advance Filtration And Separation Inc

   Pontiac Coil

   Excelitas Technologies Illumination, Inc

   4G Wireless Inc

   Next Filtration Technologies, Inc

   Corona Magnetics Inc

   Audio Spectrum

   Mag Flux

   Power Concepts

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Electronic Components, NEC (5,571)

   Rdc Technologies

   Conversion Devices Inc

   Malvern Scale Data Systems Inc

   Prospec Home Inspection

   Microwave Components & Systems

   Holder & CO

   Trans-Tech, Inc

   Geo-San Inc

   Ameritrol Inc

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Electronic Connectors (565)

   Crown Connector, Inc

   Abb Inc

   Raycon Technology


   Ohio Associated Ent LLC

   Electronic Manufacturing Solutions & Services, Inc

   Design Marketing, Inc

   L-Com Inc

   Tyco Thermal Controls LLC

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Electronic Resistors (120)

   Vishay Precision Foil, Inc

   Vishay Americas, Inc

   Unified Tech Usa, LLC


   Addenda Electronics

   Sensortonics Inc

   Stackpole Electronics, Inc

   Voltronics Inc

   Vishay Intertechnology, Inc

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Printed Circuit Boards (2,002)

   Maxim Integrated Products Inc

   Zitel Corp

   Bh Electronics Inc

   Circuit Works Corporation


   Electronic Assembly Corp

   J R Sales

   Capital Electro Circuits Inc

   Test Head Engineering

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Semiconductors and Related Devices (4,486)

   Hemisphere Air

   Site Services Inc

   Seawave Technologies

   Semi Rep Engineering Inc

   Applied Materials, Inc

   Tytek Industries Inc

   Oerlikon USA Inc

   Tranzeo Wireless Technologies

   Ftdi Chip Ltd

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