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Legal Services

   Edward T Vasquez Attorney

   Clark K Taylor Attorney

   Mark O Van Wagoner Attorney

   David B Hartvigsen Attorney

   Jean Robert Babilis & Associates

   Consumer Credit Counseling Service Of Utah Inc

   Grant L Foster Attorney

   Rena Miller Law Office

   Kim M Luhn Attorney

   Read R Hellewell Attorney

   Debbie Robb

   Maralyn M Reger Attorney

   Ted Weckel Attorney

   Richard M Hymas Attorney

   Bean And Smedliy Law Firm

   Jeffrey W Shields Attorney

   Damon E Coombs

   Rooker Mohrman Rawlins Llp

   Randy T Austin Attorney

   Brad C Betebenner Attorney

   David W Steffensen Attorney

   Jeppsen & Wilding Pllc

   Terence L Rooney Attorney

   Oliver K Meyers Attorney

   Richard W Evans Attorney

   John D Sheaffer Jr Attorney

   Matthew L Crockett Attorney

   David L Barclay Attorney

   David R Hartwig Attorney

   Andrew H Stone Attorney

   Stephen F Mecham Attorney

   Gregory W Stevens Attorney

   Lisa A Jones Attorney

   Fillmore Spencer Law Office

   Jesse Brar Attorney

   Thomas A Ellison Attorney

   Thomas J Rossa Attorney

   Steve K Gordon Attorney

   Bryan K Benard Attorney

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Trusts, Except Educational, Religious, and Charitable

   Red River Investments LLC

   Payne D&L

   Hafen Family Trust

   Baker Family Trust

   Prosperity Family Trust

   Tech Trust LLC

   Provident Co Trust

   Callahan Family Trust

   Rsj Family Assests LLC

   Hubbard Family Trust

   Coombs & Company

   Kane Schools Foundation For Students

   Davie G Horne Family Trust

   Wales Family Trust

   Kettle Family Trust

   Pratt Family Trust

   Wells' Investment Group Llp

   Joan Freckleton Family Trust Dated Janu

   Claudia Olson Family Trust

   Coombs Alonzo Dever Trust

   Flygare Family Trust

   Pantegra Dental Couter

   Premier Administration

   Fern R Hanson Family Partnership

   Pitcher Family Trust Dated March 24 199

   Palm Beach Investors

   Guardian & Conservators

   John B Giles Living Trust


   G & M Mangum, LLC

   Edman Family Ltd Partners

   B C Bodily Trust

   Hone Family Trust

   Pynes Family Holdings LLC

   Karl B Jones Living Trust

   Franklin Family Living Trust

   John D Richards Family Lt

   Boyer, Richard S Jr Family Trust

   Danny Little Family Trust, Dat

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