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Legal Services

   William A Carpenter Jr Attorney

   Alfonso Robinson Jr Attorney

   Joseph F Behot Jr Attorney

   Andrew L Watson Attorney

   Sahbra Smook Jabocs Attorney

   Law Offices of Georgette Miller & Associates, PC

   Paul J Di Maio Attorney

   Frederick A Bojum Attorney

   Eileen G Labarre LLC

   Vincent T Frank Attorney

   Clifford E Lazzaro & Associates

   Gregory P Kowalski Attorney

   Cary Charles & Winston LLC

   Michael D Bolton Attorney

   Sodette Plunkett Law Office

   Carlotta M Budd LLC

   David A Stern Attorney

   Marissa J Costello Attorney

   Kleinman Margaret Attorney

   Richard M Cohen Attorney

   Mark Z Segal Attorney

   Joseph Deal Attorney

   Jeffrey S Monaghan Attorney

   Adam M Toraya Attorney

   Tobin, Koster, Oleckna, Reitman, & Greenstein

   Cynthia Sharp Attorney

   Robert H Montgomery III Attorney

   T Bauknight

   Lasser Hochman

   Jac B Weiseman Attorney

   Justin Paul Christodoro Law of

   Shuja Esq LLC

   Kevin N Starkey Attorney

   B A Settlement Services LLC

   Donnelly & Associates

   Howard Goldstein Law Office

   Renata Wooden Law Offices

   Karen T Lewis Attorney

   Douglas K Schoenberg Esq

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Trusts, Except Educational, Religious, and Charitable

   Param Care Foundation

   Biase Assoc

   Trustee Of R Peyton Gibson

   Valley National Bank

   Local No 5 Municipal Employees Benefit Trust Fund

   Prologis Trust

   Cit Equipment Collateral 2006-Vt2

   Pipkins-Day Venture Corp

   Trust R W

   Lucent Technologies Inc Master Pension Trust

   Roper Living Trust

   Bmw Vehicle Owner Trust 2006-A

   Chase Mortgage Finance Trust, Series 2002-S8

   Hyde Park Est Homeowners Assn

   Lucy Jargowsky Trust

   Nocentino Homes

   Trustee For Dana Orbach 2003 N

   Strauss Esmay Assoc

   Igoe Bros Inc

   Lighthouse Commuity Development, Incorporated

   Amwell Conservation Trust Inc

   Equity Opportunity Trust Dividend Ruler Series 2009a

   Anne F Bucy Irr Trust

   Promise Keepers

   United Moms Charity Assn

   Chaseflex Trust Series 2007-3

   Phhmc Series 2007-5 Trust

   Feriozzi, Joseph P Testamentary Trust

   Prudential Investment Portfolios 4

   Agape International Mission Outreach, Inc

   Jackelyn Cohen Foundation

   General Electric Capital Corporation

   David & Susan Bershad Foundation

   Nycdc Benefit Fund

   Gunther Bernecker/ Trust

   Gavio P J Residuary Trust C

   Trust Am

   Living Is Giving Foundati

   Chaseflex Trust Series 2006-2

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