Food Processing

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Food Processing

Cane Sugar Refining

   Michigan Sugar CO

   Michigan Sugar CO

   Michigan Sugar CO

   Americane Sugar Refining LLC

   Michigan Sugar CO

   Domino Sugar Corp

   Sugar Moniter

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Cottonseed Oil Mills

Meat Packing Plants

   Wilson's Deer Processing

   Mypac Inc

   Makkedah Meat Processing & Bul

   Nagel Meat Processing

   Boyer's Meat Processing

   Mike's Meat Processing

   Poole's Meat Processing

   Countryside Quality Meats

   Pease Packing Corp

   Tyson Fresh Meats

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Poultry Slaughtering and Processing

   Mc Inerney Miller Brothers

   Otto's Chicken

   Miller's Fowlerville Poultry

   D & B Motor Sports

   House of Raeford Farms Inc

   Hall Harper & Turner LLC

   Poultry Plus

   Munsell's Poultry Processing

   Fowlerville Poultry Processing

   Ovo Pro Inc

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Rice Milling

   Interfaith Dialogue Assoc

   Golden Burma Asian Grocery & Gifts

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Soybean Oil Mills

   Zeeland Farm Soya, LLC

   Thumb Oilseed Producers CO-OP

   Topc-Texas, LLC

   Ferguson Landscaping & Lawn Care Services, LLC

   American Soy Products, Inc

   Michigan Soy Products CO

   Zeeland Bio-Based Products, LLC

   Zeeland Farm Service Inc

   Zeeland Farm Services, Inc

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Wet Corn Milling

   Archer-Daniels-Midland Company

   Ronald Brandli

   Mill Creek Syrup Co

   Synex Wolverine LLC

   Cargill, Incorporated

   Longevity Foods, Inc.

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