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Legal Services

   Bailey & Ehrenberg PLLC

   Charles R Allen Attorney

   Andrew J O'Rourke Attorney

   Brenda Viehe-Naess Law Offices

   Brian C Malone Attorney

   Robert H Winter Lawyer

   Foley & Lardner Llp

   Amy S Posner Attorney

   Ann Lake & Bryant

   Water Systems Council

   Thomas A Troyer Attorney

   Anthony H Son Attorney

   Gitner Law

   William E Powell

   Frank W Sudia

   Willis S Martyn

   P C Wigman, Cohen, Leitner & Myers Attorney

   Fritz R Kahn

   Adorno & Yoss

   Brian Lemm

   George M Elfter Attorney

   Nancy J Victory

   David R Levinson Attorney

   Amanda Nichols Attorney

   Adam L Perlman

   Benjamin W Boley Attorney

   James L Bacchus Attorney

   Christopher Landau Attorney

   Aaron M Oser Attorney

   Briggs, John DE Q

   Mexican American Legal Defense

   Fletcher Heald & Hildreth

   American Immigration Lawyers

   Allen Green Attorney

   Andrew Weiner Attorney

   K&L Gates Llp

   Alan M Freeman Attorney

   Lisa M Zarlenga

   Benjamin C Wei Attorney

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Trusts, Except Educational, Religious, and Charitable

   Local 846 Training Trust

   Fred B Rooney Res

   Laborers Trust Fund

   Shafeek Nader Trust Supporting Fund Inc

   Northwest Neighbors Village

   Jovid Foundation

   Nasdaq 100 Trust Series 1

   National Park Trust

   The Trust For The National Mall

   Autism Trust

   American Pharmacists Association Foundation

   2023 LLC

   Aahsa Trust

   Maintaining Antitrust For Consumers Healthcare

   Aarq Trust

   Graphic Arts Industry Joint

   Capitol Historic Trust Inc

   Searle Freedom Trust

   Peirce Neal

   Shafeek Nader Trust For The Community Interest

   Swanns Way

   Martin, Ellen Wills Foundation

   World Organization For Human Rights Usa

   Greater Washington Fashion Chamber Of Commerce

   Mygraphicstudio Inc

   William N Price Capt

   Fund For Constitutional Gov

   Progressive Sports And Entertainment Alliance, Inc

   Office Of Historical Trust Accounting

   Itable Trust Pew Char

   Alliance Investment Corporation

   Carlyle Management Group Partners, L P

   National Architectural Trust

   Carr Properties

   The National Alliance For Cancer Inc

   Theti-Gaheye Foundation For Sickle Cell Disease

   The Antonelli Organization

   Charles G Koch Charitable

   Defense Education Trust Fund

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