Fire Protection

52,800 companies in Fire Protection


Fire Protection (52,800)

County Government-Fire Protection (1,188)

   Hillsborough County Fire Dept

   County Of King

   Fire Chief

   Casey County Fire Dept

   Mecklenburg Fire Marshal

   Campbell County Fire Dept

   Silver Bow County Fire Dept

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Federal Government-Fire Protection (47)

   US Naval Air Sta Fire Dept

   US Fire Dept

   US Navy Fire Dept

   US Indian Affairs Fire Dept

   US Air Force Fire Dept

   US Army Fire Dept

   Mono Lake Fire Station

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Fire Department, Not Including Volunteer (5,274)

   Lynnfield, Town Of (Inc)

   Benbrook Fire Dept

   Miami Beach Fire Rescue

   Mc Culloch Fire Dept

   Montezuma Fire Protection Dist

   Township Of Canton

   Farmington Fire Dept

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Fire Departments (34,004)

   Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Dept

   Mamou Fire Dept

   Grover Rural Vol Fire Dept

   County Of Clark

   Bedford Park Fire Dept

   Bucksport Fire Dept

   Pattonville-Bridgeton Terrace

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Fire Marshals' Office, Government (128)

   Harnett County Fire Marshall

   City Of Little Rock

   Alexander County Fire Marshal

   Fort Smith Fire Dept

   Yadkin County Fire Marshall

   County Of Atlantic

   Labor And Economic Growth Michigan Department Of Energy

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Fire Prevention Office, Government (141)

   College Park Animal Control

   Beachwood Building Inspector

   County Of Kern

   City Of Monroe

   Massillon Fire Dept

   Window Rock Fire Dept

   Harrison Township Fire Distr

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Fire Protection (8,171)

   County Of Clark

   Village Of Blue Mound

   Iberia Parish Fire Protection

   Hope Fire CO

   Monkey Island Fire Dept

   Smithdale Vol Fire Department

   Navo Fire Station

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Fire Protection, Level of Government (17)

   City Of Dania

   Town of Enfield Fire Dept

   Sawtooth Valley Rural Fire

   City Of Houston

   City Of Roswell

   Mayfair Fire Dept

   Wabash Fire Dept

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Fire Protection, Local Government (3,599)

   Town Of Harrisburg

   Clayton-Winchester Fire Dept

   Woodall Fire Dept

   Belmar Boro (Inc)

   City Of Hoven

   Dixon City Empl Fcu

   Wayne Twp Fire Dept

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State Government-Fire Protection (231)

   Fire Programs Dept

   Fire Control Bureau

   Fire Marshal's Office

   Fire Safety Div

   Angola Fire Dept

   Hayden Ambulance Service

   State Fire Marshall Div

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