Fire Protection

52,800 companies in Fire Protection


Fire Protection (52,800)

County Government-Fire Protection (1,188)

   Jamestown Fire Dept

   Burley Fire Dept

   Orange County Rescue Squad

   Horry County Ambulance Service

   County Of Lincoln

   Newaygo County Ambulance Service

   North Hamblen County Fire Dept

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Federal Government-Fire Protection (47)

   Mc Connell Fire Dispatch

   Bangor Fire Dept

   US Navy Fire Dept

   US Fire Dept

   US Fire Dept

   Wells Fire Station

   US Army Fire Dept

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Fire Department, Not Including Volunteer (5,274)

   Ellisville Fire Dept

   Town Of Foxborough

   Town Of Tiverton

   Jamesville Community Fire Dept

   Milton Fire Dept

   City Of Pineville

   Middleton Fire Dept

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Fire Departments (34,004)

   Maple Hill Fire Department

   Mountain Communities Fire Dept

   Fentress County Fire Dept 11

   Concord City Fire Dept

   Hartford Vol Fire Department Assoc

   Liberty Township Fire Dept W

   Macedonia Ethelsville Vol Fire

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Fire Marshals' Office, Government (128)

   Seattle Fire Dept Fire Marshal

   Police Emergency Calls

   State Fire Marshall

   Wyoming Department Of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety

   Carrollton Fire Marshal

   Louisville Fire Station 2

   Fire Marshal

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Fire Prevention Office, Government (141)

   Village Administration Office

   City Of Dallas

   Murfreesboro Fire Marshall

   Fire Prevention Div

   City Of Calhoun

   City Of Passaic

   Stones Bengard Community Service

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Fire Protection (8,171)

   Londonderry Town Office Fire Department

   Fire Protection

   Florham Park Fire Dept

   City Of Richfield

   Prince Georges Cnty Fire Dept

   Fire Dept-Public Relations

   Riverview Vol Fire Department

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Fire Protection, Level of Government (17)

   Boiling Springs Fire Dept

   Town of Enfield Fire Dept

   Lafd Reg Iv Unit

   Sawtooth Valley Rural Fire

   City Of Roswell

   North Andover Fire Dept

   City Of Indianapolis

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Fire Protection, Local Government (3,599)

   City Of Clio

   Hartford Civil Defense

   Glasgow City Fire Substation

   Waseca Fire Dept

   Manhattan Fire Protection Dist

   Colonial Heights Fire Dept

   Walhalla City Fire Dept

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State Government-Fire Protection (231)

   Bethel Manor Fire Station

   Oak Park Fire Station

   Springville Fire Station

   Fire Marshal

   Fire Marshal

   Board of Electricians

   Fire Marshal

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