Correctional Institutions

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Correctional Institutions (8,359)

City Govt-Correctional Institutions (109)

   High Desert Visiting Center

   Community Corrections Program

   Roanoke County Salem Jail

   Dayton Jail

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Correctional Institutions, County Government (265)

   Sheriff County Dept

   Macomb County Sheriff

   Athens Correctional Institute

   Montgomery County Pre-Trial

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Correctional Institutions, Level of Government (8)

   Wisconsin Department Of Corrections

   County Of Jefferson

   Washington County Probation

   County Of Sacramento

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Correctional Institutions, Local Government (44)

   Jefferson County Correction

   City Of Coffeyville

   Vernon Correctional Facility

   Hennepin County

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Correctional Institutions, State Government (44)

   Community Service Restitution

   Columbus Metropolitan Area

   Earl Davis Work Center

   Probation & Parole Office

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County Government-Correctional Instns (2,144)

   Kootenai County Jail

   Lake County Sheriff's Office

   Placer County Jail

   Carroll County Jail

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Detention Center, Government (468)

   Juvenile Detention Facility

   County Of Douglas

   Arizona Department Of Juvenile Corrections

   Las Colinas Detention Facility

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Federal Govt-Correctional Institutions (80)

   Federal Prisons Bureau

   Federal Prison Industries

   Federal Bureau of Prisons

   US Prison Bureau

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Honor Camp, Government (6)

   Oregon Department Of Education

   Department Of Correction Delaware

   San Juan Park

   Adams County Prison

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House of Correction, Government (64)

   Huron County Jail

   Augusta Diversion Center

   Lake County Corrections

   Jim E Hamilton Corrtl Center Lib

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Penitentiary, Government (24)

   Oregon Department Of Corrections

   State Penitentiary

   Wende Correctional Facility

   California Department Of Corrections & Rehabilitation

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Prison Farm, Government (16)

   Conservation Camp

   Talbert House

   Turney Center Annex

   Conservation Camp Tonopah

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Prison, Government (404)

   Fishkill Correctional

   California Prison Industry Authority

   A&K legal service

   Parnall Correctional Facility

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Reformatory, Government (11)

   Lackawanna County Work Release

   Ingram State Technical College

   Juvenile Justice Dept

   County Of Los Angeles

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State Govt-Correctional Institutions (4,672)

   Youth Training Center

   New Jersey Department Of Corrections

   Juvenile Community Corrections

   Corrections Dept

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