Water Transportation of Freight, NEC

1,651 company in Water Transportation of Freight, NEC


Water Transportation of Freight, NEC (1,651)

Barge Lines and Terminals (137)

   Herring Island Haulers

   Hunter Marine Transport Inc

   American Barge Line Company

   Eagle Marine Transport Co

   Northland Services Inc

   Island Transporter LLC

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Canal Transportation, Freight (12)

   Putman Tankerman Service

   Jules of Morocco

   Ocean To Ocean Transportation

   Unpaint Services, LLC

   American Commercial Lines LLC

   American Petroleum & Trnsprt

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Canal and Intracoastal Freight Transportation (94)

   Foss Maritime

   Fmt Industries, LLC

   Houston Barge Line Inc

   First International Transportation Services, Inc

   Alaska Hovercraft

   Ingram Barge Company

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Intracoastal (Freight) Transportation (76)

   Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc

   Blue Moon Travel

   Priority Freight Line

   Ctsi Logistics Inc

   Fastco Services

   Martin Gas Marine, Inc

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Lake (Freight) Transportation, Except On the Great Lakes (14)

   Omega Shipping Co Inc

   C&B Marine, LLC

   Lake Willow Development Inc

   San Juan Ferry & Barge-M/V

   Tidewater Terminal CO

   Town of Nashville Town Hall

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Log Rafting (15)

   Castle Log Salvage

   George Backes Trucking

   Mebco International Inc

   Longview Booming Co Inc

   Bhb Transport

   Smith Towing

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River Transportation, Except On the St. Lawrence Seaway (86)

   Alter Barge Line Inc

   Mertel Gravel CO

   Bernert Barge Lines

   Ingram Barge Company

   Tidewater Barge Lines, Inc

   Terral Riverservice, Inc

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Shipping Agents (1,006)

   Preferred Shipping Inc

   Pak Mail

   Jas Forwarding

   Healthcare Distribution Mgmt

   Pro-Mail Inc

   Jag International Shipping

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Transportation (Freight) On Bays and Sounds of the Ocean (104)

   Sea Corp

   Siman Logistics, Inc

   Mc Allister Towing & Trnsprtn

   Northern Bayridge Inc

   Shipsterbizz, Inc

   Liberty Maritime Corp

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Water Transportation of Freight (77)

   Bullseye Sewer & Drain Repair

   Dms Agencies

   Craters Freighters

   Air Parcel Express, Inc.

   Embarque Colonial

   E Mail Ship Inc

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Water Transportation of Freight (Unclassified) (30)

   Rotha's Plants

   Columbia Transport Inc

   Chaker Inc

   Nolly Trucking Inc

   TexOcean Inernational

   A A Shipping Inc

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