Prepackaged Software

23,048 companies in Prepackaged Software


Prepackaged Software (23,048)

Application Computer Software (1,259)

   Rand Worldwide

   Microsoft Corp

   Craig Safety Technologies, Inc.

   The Tech Guys Usa

   Ca, Inc


   Technosoft Consulting

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Business Oriented Computer Software (1,254)

   Cerner Healthwise Inc

   Sterling Commerce, Inc

   Mitchell, Tana L

   Bay Media Arts Inc

   Atlantic Data Svcs

   Brainstage Research, Inc


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Computer Software Manufacturers (764)

   Tektronix Inc

   Ansys Inc



   Oracle Corp

   Bottomline Technologies

   People Med

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Educational Computer Software (550)

   Stomp Systems LLC

   Cu Info Systems

   Gentle Giraffe Press

   Child Friendly Limited

   Iconnect, LLC

   Micro Video Corporation

   Skoodat, LLC

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Home Entertainment Computer Software (145)

   Analytical Computing

   Fabmania Net

   MusiTek - music and technology software

   Kurt Strommer

   Inter Media Outdoors

   Ilm Inc

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Operating Systems Computer Software (273)

   Financial Management Systems

   Global Inc Edge

   Centerlynx Corporation

   Finite State Research

   Jigsaw Java Inc

   Dealer's Cloud Corp

   Leading Horizon Inc

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Prepackaged Software (18,202)

   New York Computer Consulting Inc

   Trillium Software, Inc

   Veritas Software Corp

   Software Etc

   Sopheon Corp

   Ttw Inc

   Drake Technologies Inc

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Publisher's Computer Software (455)

   C2 Computer Creations

   V Studios Inc

   M2d Group, Inc

   Great Mind Inc

   Computer Business Solutions, Inc.

   Element LLC

   Telorn Partners Inc

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Utility Computer Software (99)

   Bmc Software, Inc


   Bmc Software, Inc

   K C Locate

   Everstor Software Corp

   Utilisol, LLC

   Agile Energy, Inc

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Word Processing Computer Software (47)

   Durasoft Systems Inc

   Sheri's Compu-Word

   Eknowlogie, Inc

   Integrated Media Solution

   Corporate Creations Inc

   Whitcomb Electronics

   Integrity Plus

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