Special Product Sawmills, NEC

165 companies in Special Product Sawmills, NEC


Special Product Sawmills, NEC (165)

Barrel-Manufacturers Equipment/Supplies (25)

   Bean & Barrel

   Raleigh Enterprises

   W B Gray International

   Cork & Barrel

   The Green Place Inc

   Oregon Barrel Works, Inc

   Quad City Drum Recycling CO

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Cooperage Stock Products: Staves, Headings, Hoops, Etc. (9)

   Brown-Forman Corporation

   Kentucky Cooperage Inc

   Integrated Manufacturing Products LLC

   Brown-Forman Cooperage

   Dunaway Timber CO

   Martha Farmers CO-OP Gin

   Quality Cotton CO-OP

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Excelsior Manufacturers (12)

   3rd Planet Products

   Southern Wood Fiber Inc


   Western Excelsior Corp

   Stake Shop

   Southern Wood Fiber

   Rws Manufacturing, Inc

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Excelsior, Including Pads and Wrappers: Wood (4)

   Delmarva Pad Co

   American Excelsior CO

   Johnston Manufacturing CO

   Pps Packaging CO

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Shakes (Hand Split Shingles) (28)

   Anderson Shake & Shingle Inc

   Hoh River Cedar Products Inc

   Lifetime Metal Shingles Inc

   Sherico Cedar Products

   Long Cedar Inc

   White House Shake & Shingle

   Wilson Shake Mill

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Shingles and Shakes Manufacturers (16)

   Texas Pines

   M L Cedar

   Wausau Supply Co

   R & R Cedar Products

   Calder Shake & Shingle

   Champion & CO

   C G Roofing Products Inc

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Shingles, Wood: Sawed or Hand Split (12)

   B&B Cedar Sales Inc

   Lake Stevens Shingle Inc

   Schmitz, Denis

   Pete Pridgen

   Riverside Cedar

   C And L Shake And Shingle

   Cedar Valley Shingle Systems

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Special Product Sawmills (Unclassified) (12)

   Raven Farm LLC

   Brooks Barrel CO

   Monadnock Wood Products

   East Texas Forest Products Inc

   Megnin Cooperage Mills Inc

   Brown's Saw & Mill Service

   Alternative Tree Recycling LLC

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Special Product Sawmills, Nec (36)

   Environmental Innovations Inc

   Loblolly Custom Sawmilling

   Bio Mass Power & Fuel LLC

   Oran Milling CO

   Beetle Kill Salvage LLC

   strong lumber & specialty log products

   N J L Inc

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Staves, Barrel: Sawed or Split (11)

   S S Stave CO Inc

   Whiteside Timber CO

   Indiana Stave Mill Inc

   Perryville Stave CO Inc

   Canton Wood Products Co

   Ramoneda Brothers Stave Mill

   Bunker Wood Products CO

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