Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas

9,152 companies in Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas


Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas (9,152)

Coal Gasification (23)


   Eg Tec LLC

   Dakota Coal CO

   Dakota Gasification CO

   Green Rock Energy, L L C

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Coal Liquefaction (4)

   Greentech Energy Liquid Fuels LLC

   Genie Oil & Gas Corp

   American Coal Liquefaction, LLC

   Rra Inc

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Gas Boosters (6)

   Paraco Gas Corp

   High Performance Plus, Distribution

   More Mileage Now

   air2gas fuel saver

   Energy North Propane Inc

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Gas and Hydrocarbon Liquefaction From Coal (25)

   Madisonville Gas Processing Lp

   Solano Gas Processing, Inc

   Morgan Kinder Treating Lp

   Allied Gas Processing, Inc

   Sinnecot Hydrocarbon Tech

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Natural Gas Production (404)

   C E Ready Mix

   Etc Canyon Pipeline, LLC

   Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority

   Easy Drive

   Gas, Maple

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Oil Companies (84)

   Martin Eagle Oil CO Inc

   Whiting Petroleum Corp

   Conoco Phillips Terminal

   Ron's Oil CO

   Wichita River Oil Corp

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Oil Crude (1,887)

   Thielman Oil Production Services, Inc

   Diversified Energy Corp

   Q-West Energy Company

   Pioneer Natural Resources Company

   Coles Energy

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Oil Operators (289)

   Knoc USA

   R B Cowden Family Prop Ltd

   Westerly Exploration Inc

   R M Kolb & Associates

   Sewell, Mike

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Oil Sand Mining (16)

   Cisco Operating, LLC

   Soper Production

   T E F Inc

   Mehaffey Investments Inc

   Dakota Cooperative

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Oil Shale Mining (12)

   Triple B Productions Drilling

   Chapman Oil CO

   Palo Petroleum Inc

   Chevron Corporation

   Oil Shale Exploration Company, LLC

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Oil and Gas Producers (5,198)

   Drew Haley Oil Producers

   Terrell Oil & Gas Servics

   Highway Oil

   Southland Energy Consultants

   Cal-Ray Petroleum Corp

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Oil and Gas-Production (1,190)

   Haas Oil CO Inc

   Plains Exploration & Production Company

   The Western Company Of Texas

   Oil Producers Ltd LLC

   Alltex Packaging & Supplies LLC

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Sand and Shale Oil Mining (14)

   Clark Oil Co

   Crescent City Wholesalers

   Doc Oil Corp

   Black Sands Holding Co

   Cla Mar Oil CO

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