Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet, Strip, and Bars

260 companies in Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet, Strip, and Bars


Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet, Strip, and Bars (260)

Bars, Steel, Cold Finished, From Purchased Hot-Rolled (43)

   Regional Steel Corporation

   Telling Industries

   Precision Marshall Steel

   Telling Industries, LLC

   Plymouth Steel Corp

   Guam Rebar Supply, LLC

   Nelsen Steel CO

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Cold Finishing of Steel Shapes (114)

   Dietrich Metal Framing

   Col-Fin Specialty Steel Corp

   Dietrich Industries Inc

   Steel Technologies LLC

   Thomas Steel Strip Corp

   Valmont Coatings-Pacific

   Ulbrich Specialty Strip Mill

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Cold-Rolled Strip or Wire (10)


   Numit LLC

   Mid-States Wire Processing

   Worthington Steel CO

   Kena Corp

   American Wire Shapes LLC

   Steel Technologies LLC

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Corrugated Metals Manufacturers (13)

   John Cooper Panels LLC

   Cleveland Metal

   Aluminum Precision Products

   Mc Elroy Metal Inc

   Corrugated Metals

   Klondyke Metals Inc

   Power Storage

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Corrugating Iron and Steel, Cold-Rolled (5)

   Union Corrugating CO

   Rg Steel, LLC

   Rg Steel, LLC

   Cmc Dallas Trading

   Triple H Steel

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Sheet, Steel, Cold-Rolled, Nec: From Purchased Hot-Rolled (14)

   Worthington Steel Company-Baltimore Inc

   Friedman Industries Inc

   Allegheny Ludlum Corp

   North American Stainless Inc


   Hagerstown Metal Fabricators

   Steel Technologies, LLC

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Steel-Bar Sheet Strip Etc Manufacturers (38)

   Allegheny Ludlum Corp

   Electronic Data Systems

   Bean Steel CO

   Gibraltar Steel Corp of NY

   Thyssen Krupp Stc

   Tara Metals Inc

   Cursor Industries LLC

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Strip, Steel, Cold-Rolled, Nec: From Purchased Hot-Rolled, (17)

   Gibraltar Strip Steel Inc

   Greer Industries Inc

   Calstrip Industries, Inc

   Worthington Industries, Inc

   Allegheny Ludlum Corp

   Blair Strip Steel CO

   Precious Plate Florida Inc

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Wire, Flat, Cold-Rolled Strip: Not Made in Hot-Rolled Mills (6)

   Accurate Precision Wire Inc

   Whitesell International Corporation


   Renaissance Wire Inc

   Blue Ridge Metal Corp

   Whitesell Corporation

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