Products of Petroleum and Coal, NEC

175 companies in Products of Petroleum and Coal, NEC


Products of Petroleum and Coal, NEC (175)

Briquettes Manufacturers (10)

   Nova Petroleum & Chemicals Corp

   Glass Automated Products

   Costello Bros Petroleum Corp

   Pellet America Corporation

   Buildingworks Limited

   Pellet America

   Pronto Fuel

   Shu Mar Fuels Inc

   American Pellet Supply LLC

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Coke (16)

   Petrocoke Inc

   Loresco Inc

   Teletel Security Communications Inc

   Bradley Industrial Textiles

   D D Converters

   Handzel & Co

   Middletown Coke Company

   D D Converters

   Suncoke Energy, Inc

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Coke (Not From Refineries), Petroleum (7)

   Oxbow Calcining LLC

   Harper Oil Company, LLC

   Oxbow Calcining Usa, Inc

   Kcbx Terminals CO

   Reiss Viking

   Koch Mineral Services, LLC

   Brogdon CO

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Coke, Calcined Petroleum: Made From Purchased Materials (9)

   Energysource LLC

   Cii Carbon

   Venture Coke Company LLC

   Cii Carbon

   Rain Cii Carbon LLC

   Rain Cii Carbon LLC

   A J Edmond Company

   Calciner Industry Inc

   Venture Coke Company LLC

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Fuel Briquettes or Boulets: Made With Petroleum Binder (14)

   Ener Quest Corp

   Kingsford Manufacturing CO

   Poinsett Inc

   Headwaters Incorporated

   Kingsford Manufacturing CO

   Royal Oak Enterprises Inc

   Royal Oak Enterprises, LLC

   Kingsford Products Company, The Inc

   Kingsford Manufacturing CO

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Petroleum and Coal Products, Nec (70)

   Armstrong Petrol Chemicals

   Xz Tech

   Cornerstone Financial LLC

   Macarthur Clean Energy LLC

   Integra Fabricating

   Homeland Fuels Company

   Grenac, LLC

   Stavinoha Enterprises

   Hybrid Fuel Company

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Products of Petroleum and Coal Manufacturers Unclassified (20)

   Voyager Petroleum Inc

   Mountain Feed & Coal CO-Ldvl

   Headwaters Inc

   Svonavec Inc

   Laurel Creek CO Inc

   Southern WV Resources

   Great Lakes Carbon Corp

   Action Mining Inc

   Marion Docks Inc

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Waxes, Petroleum: Not Produced in Petroleum Refineries (29)

   P A Wax

   Honeywell International Inc

   J D Gas Inc

   Bp Products North America Inc

   Wax Research Inc

   Ssi Chusei, Inc

   Blended Waxes Inc

   The Donora Wax Coated Plastic Silverware Company

   Inland Products Inc

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