Nitrogenous Fertilizers

716 companies in Nitrogenous Fertilizers


Nitrogenous Fertilizers (716)

Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate (6)

   Calabash Inc

   Coastal Chem, Inc

   Pryor Chemical CO

   Supermag LLC

   Martin Resources

   Apache Nitrogen Products Inc

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Anhydrous Ammonia (33)

   Airgas, Inc

   Airgas, Inc

   Airgas, Inc

   Agrium US Inc

   Cf Industries, Inc

   Hyman Farm Service

   Terra Industries

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Fertilizers Manufacturers (180)

   Wilbur-Ellis CO

   Central Montana CO-OP

   Scotts Miracle-Gro CO

   Southern States Hertford Service

   Simplot Soilbuilders

   Chs Agriliance

   Fischer's Mill Inc

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Fertilizers: Natural (Organic), Except Compost (226)

   Nutri-Blend Inc

   Natural Solutions, Inc

   Plant Food Systems Inc

   Alkano Chemicals Inc

   Fertigation Service Inc



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Nitric Acid (5)

   El Dorado Nitrogen CO

   Golden Valley Organics, Inc

   Jpj Inc

   Nitram Inc

   Golden Valley Organics Inc

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Nitrogen Solutions (Fertilizer) (19)

   Royster-Clark Inc

   J Gordon Enterprises, LLC

   Rentech Development Corporation

   Bourdeau Brothers

   Cryo Genetics Inc

   AAA Bankruptcy Center

   Pennington Seed, Inc

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Nitrogenous Fertilizers (212)

   Smith Greenhouse & Supply

   Scotts-Sierra Horticultural Products Company


   Land View, Inc

   Liquid Plant Inc

   Mark B Chapin

   Mineral Springs Fertilizer Co Inc

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Plant Foods, Mixed: From Plants Making Nitrog. Fertilizers (28)

   Nature's Plant Food, Inc

   Farmers Plant Food Inc

   Scotts Miracle Gro

   Atomic Hydroponics

   Bio-Fertilis, Inc


   Hyponex Corporation

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Urea (7)

   I A E Inc

   Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizers, LLC

   Urea Dialysis, Inc

   Commodities Trading Corporation

   Spraypro Urethane And Urea, LLC

   Intermountain Adhesives

   United Renal Associates Of Georgia Pc

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