In Vitro and In Vivo Diagnostic Substances

866 companies in In Vitro and In Vivo Diagnostic Substances


In Vitro and In Vivo Diagnostic Substances (866)

Blood Derivative Diagnostic Agents (51)

   Immucor, Inc

   Lifescan, Inc

   Baxter Healthcare Corporation

   Hrc Bio-Tek Inc

   Avid Radiopharmaceuticals Inc

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Cytology and Histology Diagnostic Agents (12)

   Excalibur Pathology

   Select Diagnostics Inc

   Jackson Prosecuting Attorney

   Triangle Histology Services Inc

   Cutting Image Histology, Inc

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Diagnostic Substances (499)

   More Diagnostics Inc

   Laureen Marinetti

   Meridian Bioscience Inc

   Hamilton Healthcare Inc

   Clark Laboratories, Inc

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Enzyme and Isoenzyme Diagnostic Agents (14)

   Syzygy Biotech LLC

   Orenda Technologies, Inc

   Bramton Company

   Genzyme Corporation

   Mg Biotherapeutics, LLC

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Hemotology Diagnostic Agents (14)

   Preferred Hematology Service Inc

   Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment

   Hematronix Inc

   M S Milder Dr

   South Carolina Area Office

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In Vitro Diagnostics (44)

   The Center for Assisted Reproduction

   Eagle Diagnostics

   S A Scientific

   Saladax Biomedical Inc

   Invisible Sentinel Inc.

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In Vivo Diagnostics (11)

   Alere Inc

   Lumiquick Diagnostics, Inc

   Immunovision Technologies

   Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Inc

   Hypoxyprobe, Inc

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In-Vitro In-Vivo Diagnostic Substance Manufacturers (12)


   Pressure Bio Sciences Inc

   Diagnostic Specialties

   Immucor Gamma

   Caliper Systems Inc

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Microbiology and Virology Diagnostic Products (49)

   Siemens Medical Solutions USA

   Venture Biotech, LLC

   Smith River Biologicals

   Hung, Ling-Ling

   O E M Concepts

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Pregnancy Test Kits (60)

   Global Biotest Diagnostics

   Health-Chem Corporation

   Teen Pregnancy Coalition of

   Central Massachusetts Free Pregnancy

   Gateway Campus

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Radioactive Diagnostic Substances (81)

   Petnet Solutions, Inc

   Tulsa Petnet Pmdc Corps

   Petnet Solutions, Inc

   Petnet Solutions

   Petnet Solutions

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Veterinary Diagnostic Substances (19)

   Advanced Equine Products

   Kingsbury & Kingsbury, Ltd

   Msu/Cvm/Mississippi Veterinary

   Dristech, LLC

   Csu Western Slope Animal Lab

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