Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, NEC

3,562 companies in Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, NEC


Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, NEC (3,562)

Activated Carbon Manufacturers (13)

Alkali Metals: Lithium, Cesium, Francium, Rubidium (5)

Aluminum Chloride (5)

Aluminum Compounds (25)

Aluminum Oxide (5)

Aluminum Sulfate (33)

Ammonium Compounds, Except Fertilizers, Nec (6)

Bleaching Compounds Manufacturers (8)

Borax Manufacturers (4)

Boron Compounds, Nec, Not From Mines (5)

Brine Manufacturers (19)

Bromine, Elemental (8)

Calcium Carbide (12)

Calcium Chloride and Hypochlorite (4)

Calcium Compounds and Salts, Inorganic, Nec (21)

Carbide Metals and Products Manufacturers (99)

Catalysts Manufacturers (27)

Catalysts, Chemical (139)

Charcoal (Carbon), Activated (39)

Chemicals, High Purity: Refined From Technical Grade (124)

Chemicals, Reagent Grade: Refined From Technical Grade (48)

Chromates and Bichromates (4)

Copper Compounds or Salts, Inorganic (7)

Elements (1,370)

Fuel Propellants, Solid: Inorganic (4)

Fuels and Radioactive Compounds (5)

Heavy Water (8)

Hydrogen Sulfide (5)

Industrial Inorganic Chmcls (Unclassified) Manufacturers (1,252)

Inorganic Acids Except Nitric and Phosphoric (16)

Inorganic Metal Compounds or Salts, Nec (7)

Iodine Manufacturers (8)

Isotopes, Radioactive (15)

Lead Compounds or Salts, Inorganic, Not Used in Pigments (8)

Lithium Compounds, Inorganic (5)

Magnesium Compounds or Salts, Inorganic (10)

Mercury, Redistilled (4)

Metal Salts and Compounds Except Sodium, Potassium, Aluminum (7)

Nonmetallic Compounds (27)

Nuclear Fuel Scrap, Reprocessing (5)

Nuclear Fuel and Cores, Inorganic (12)

Nuclear Fuels, Uranium Slug (Radioactive) (9)

Peroxides, Hydrogen Peroxide (5)

Phosphates, Except Fertilizers: Defluorinated and Ammoniated (10)

Potassium Nitrate and Sulfate (4)

Radioactive Materials Manufacturers (4)

Silica Compounds (13)

Silica Gel (4)

Sodium & Potassium Compounds, Exc. Bleaches, Alkalies, Alum. (10)

Sodium Compounds or Salts, Inorg., Ex. Refined Sod. Chloride (7)

Sodium Hyposulfite, Sodium Hydrosulfite (5)

Sulfur, Recovered or Refined, Incl. From Sour Natural Gas (26)

Sulfuric Acid, Oleum (17)

Tanning Agents, Synthetic Inorganic (11)

Tungsten Carbide Powder, Except Abrasive or Metallurgical (9)

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