Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized

499 companies in Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized


Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized (499)

Buckram Manufacturers (5)

   Art Owl Inc

   Michael Lavin


   Wax & Adhesive Melting Systems

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Chemically Coated and Treated Fabrics (27)

   Industrial Powder Coating

   E M Coating Services

   Cunningham Tech LLC

   Omnova Solutions Inc

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Coated Fabrics-Not Rubberized Manufacturers (130)

   Tonoga, Inc

   Cooley Inc

   Fabricated Products

   Bernardino Indian Health Inc

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Fabric Laminating and Bonding Manufacturers (55)

   Multi-Stitch Corp

   Ipa Southern Fabric Lmntng

   Hillcrest Laminating

   Fabrite International LLC

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Leather-Artificial Manufacturers (19)

   Eagle Spirit Designs

   Torn Leggin's

   Uniroyal Engineered Prods LLC

   Braided Products Company

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Metallizing of Fabrics (23)

   Taylor-Richards Precision Manfacturing Inc

   Shadetree Imagineering

   Swift Textile Metalizing LLC

   W D Welding LLC

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Plastic Coated Yarns or Fabrics (11)

   Myers Plastic Services

   Elastic Fabrics of America Inc

   Ey Technologies

   Alba Plastics

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Resin or Plastic Coated Fabrics (160)

   Mastermolding Inc

   Edison Plastics Co

   Tessy Plastics Corp

   B & W Plastics

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Sealing or Insulating Tape for Pipe: Coated Fiberglass (32)

   Jack Bell Sealcoating

   Ea Services Sales

   Ace Hanger Strap

   Midwest Specialty Tape

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Tape, Varnished: Plastic, and Other Coated (Except Magnetic) (12)

   Finesse Pinstriping Inc

   Composites Inc

   Roger Miller

   Harris Industries Inc

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Tubing, Textile: Varnished (4)

   I G Solutions

   Tube Benders Co

   Chapel Hill Mfg CO

   Glazier Tub Co

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Varnished Glass and Coated Fiberglass Fabrics (8)

   Lisec America Software Inc

   Northshore Center For Eating

   Window Expert Atlanta Inc

   Jupiter Composites, Inc

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Waterproofing Fabrics, Except Rubberizing (7)

   Living Springs Colon

   Empire Waterproofing CO

   Tegraseal Products, LLC

   Fiberweb Corp

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Yarns, Plastic Coated: Made From Purchased Yarns (6)

   Nancy's Knits

   Dande Workwear

   Montoya Fiber Studio

   Jean's Textiles

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