Ammunition, Except for Small Arms

112 companies in Ammunition, Except for Small Arms


Ammunition, Except for Small Arms (112)

Ammunition Components (17)

   Cherry Engineering Inc

   Tony's Customs LLC

   Hart Stone Manufacturing Co

   Brassman Shells

   T J Bartlett Co Inc

   Textron Systems Corp

   Zero Bullet CO

   Delta Frangible Ammunition, L L C

   United States Department Of The Army

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Ammunition Loading and Assembling Plant (6)

   American Ordnance LLC

   Polyshok Inc

   Thomas A Mundy Co

   Ammo Load Worldwide, Inc

   American Ordnance LLC

   G S Custom Guns & Ammo LLC

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Ammunition, Except for Small Arms, Nec (58)

   American Eagle Ammunition Inc

   The Allied Defense Group Inc

   3lc Productions

   Powhatan Gun & Tackle

   Ithaca Gun Company

   Atk Integrated Systems

   Swatec Inc

   Mastercast Bullet CO

   Lockheed Martin Corporation

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Ammunition-Except for Small Arms Manufacturers (6)

   US Naval Surface Warfare Center

   American Ordinance

   General Dynamics Ordnance

   Martin & Shaft CO

   Martin Electronics Inc

   Lone Star Div

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Arming and Fusing Devices for Missiles (6)

   Amtec Corp

   Bulova Technologies L L C

   L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems

   Bulova Technologies L L C

   Praetorian Manufacturing Inc

   Bulova Technologies L L C

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Bombs and Parts (5)

   Safebombs LLC

   456 Bg

   Fred Schlautmann

   Eod Technologies International Incorporated

   Gun Fx Tactical Devmnt Inc

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Chemical Warfare Projectiles and Components (4)

   Planning & Construction Servic

   Holston Defense Corp

   Asia Pacific Environmental Technology Corp

   Xotec International Inc

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Mines and Parts (Ordnance) (10)

   Cva Industries

   Usa Corp Denison Mines

   Alaska Garnet Mines

   Chiwawa Mines, Inc

   Mullins Machining

   Oilton Remote Detection Tech

   Earthstewards Network

   Kasey's Machine & Fabrication LLC

   Iowa Department Of Agriculture And Land Stewardship

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