Oil Royalty Traders

619 companies in Oil Royalty Traders


Oil Royalty Traders (619)

Crude Oil Purchasing (44)

   A J & J Thornton Oil CO Inc

   Hudson Oil Building LLC

   U S Oil Corp

   Genesis Crude Oil


   Genesis Crude Oil

   Carnes Crude Oil Reclaiming

   Simplified Oil Purchase Inc

   Cimarron Crude CO

   Sun CO

   Northern Oil Processing

   Cambridge CO-OP Oil

   Sem Crude

   Patchogue Oil Termnl

   Eighty-Eight Oil LLC

   Seminole Transportation

   Pioneer Trucking Inc

   Royalty Exploration LLC

   Rockwell Petroleum

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Oil Leases, Buying and Selling On Own Account (250)

   Glenn Dugger

   W H Champion Oil Leases

   Virginia Oil & Land Co

   Consolidated Natural Resources Corporation

   Boudreaux Properties Inc

   Miller & Kennedy Inc

   Midwest Resources Inc

   Wallace Farm Oil And Gas

   Arrow Energy CO

   Arthur J Gorski

   Carib Petroleum Inc

   William D Mounger

   Transmontaigne Product Services Inc

   Ram Energy, Inc

   Elmax Oil & Gas Corporation

   Molecular Chimerics Corporation

   Nueces Minerals Co

   Stinson Oil Co

   Ralph R Gilster Iii Inc

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Oil Royalties (314)

   Roberts Investment Group

   D J Energycom

   Gemini Explorations Inc

   Samuel Smith And Associates

   M L Manoushagian

   Seven Angel Group LLC

   Circle C Farms

   Woodbuy Enterprises Inc

   Donner Properties

   Empire Oil CO

   Luxe Energy Corp

   Brumbaugh's Leather Gallery

   Glandon & Scarborough Pc

   Caddis Resources, LLC

   Corsino Cattle


   Pakele Foundation

   Edward A Miller Oil-Gas Invest

   Texas American Syndicate

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Oil and Mineral Royalties (11)

   Mine Core International Inc

   San Juan Basin Royalty Trust

   Tradition Royalties, LLC

   Concord Land & Minerals, LLC

   Mine Core International Inc

   Matthew S Fatheree

   Sabine Royalty Trust

   Apex Resources Group Inc

   Brett H. Lewis Oil Properties, LLC

   Royal Gold Inc


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