Oil Royalty Traders

619 companies in Oil Royalty Traders


Oil Royalty Traders (619)

Crude Oil Purchasing (44)

   Hudson Oil Building LLC

   Taylor Propane Inc

   Samson Resources CO

   Carnes Crude Oil Reclaiming

   National CO-OP Refinery Assn

   MT International

   Enduring Resources

   Pipeline Technical Service


   South Kentucky Purchasing Inc

   Rockwell Petroleum

   Genesis Crude Oil

   Plains All American

   Patchogue Oil Termnl

   Eighty-Eight Oil LLC

   Starway Industries

   U S Oil Corp

   Eighty-Eight Oil LLC

   Equilon Enterprises

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Oil Leases, Buying and Selling On Own Account (250)

   Green River Royalty LLC

   Ozark Exploration

   Ceja Corp

   Denkmann Associates, L L C

   Midwest Resources Inc

   Fairway Oil Company Inc

   O'Meara Inc

   Hensley, Cloide

   Maru Petroleum

   Frank C Nelms Inc

   Rhodes 101 Stop

   F J Whitley CO

   Ruth Bowman-Russell

   Brooklyn Company

   Buffalo CO

   Fikes Wholesale Inc

   Mildred Baggett

   H & H Partnership

   K 2 Exploration Co

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Oil Royalties (314)

   Oilwise Partners, L P

   Wheless Investment CO

   Oil & Gas Interests

   Phil-Kat Interests

   Sunwest Printing Service

   Sci Photo

   Torch Energy Royalty Trust

   Delaware Royalty

   Davjac Investments Inc

   Brumbaugh's Leather Gallery

   American Central Oil Corporation

   Eni Spa

   Republic Partners LLC

   UNI Royalties, Ltd.

   Sam Spears Jr Oil & Gas

   Harry B Heutel CO

   Masterson Management Corp

   Max Ballenger Real Estate

   Caddis Resources, LLC

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Oil and Mineral Royalties (11)


   Royal Gold Inc

   Apex Resources Group Inc

   Mine Core International Inc

   Tradition Royalties, LLC

   San Juan Basin Royalty Trust

   Mine Core International Inc

   Sabine Royalty Trust

   Matthew S Fatheree

   Brett H. Lewis Oil Properties, LLC

   Concord Land & Minerals, LLC

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