Oil Royalty Traders

619 companies in Oil Royalty Traders


Oil Royalty Traders (619)

Crude Oil Purchasing (44)

   Pipeline Technical Service

   Simplified Oil Purchase Inc

   Pioneer Trucking Inc



   Texas Brine Corp

   Seminole Transportation

   Genesis Crude Oil

   Thomas Oil & Gas Inc

   Thrifty Oil

   Portland Natural Gas

   MT International

   Crude Oil Marketing Inc

   Samson Resources CO

   Sunoco Logistics

   Equilon Enterprises

   South Kentucky Purchasing Inc

   Northern Oil Processing

   Rockwell Petroleum

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Oil Leases, Buying and Selling On Own Account (250)

   Larry S Minter Inc

   Lyons Fuel CO

   Blue Seal Stuttgart

   David C Cotner & Associates

   Harlow Royalties Inc

   Crasheil Resources Inc

   Hemus Ltd

   Moller Supply Service

   Ken Stevenson & Associates

   Arthur J Gorski

   Tenex Resources Corporation

   Fred W Shield & CO

   Manco Corporation

   Gold Leaf Petroleum Inc

   Masefield America, Inc

   Mildred Baggett

   Maxi Lube

   N Barker Tommye Co

   Wallace Farm Oil And Gas

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Oil Royalties (314)

   Ross Family Trust

   Carey & CO

   Seaborn Petroleum, LLC

   Abe International, Ltd

   Harry B Heutel CO

   Marlin Royalty Co LLC

   Sid's Trading CO LLC

   Moon Royalty L L C

   Sun Royalty

   Outlook Petroleum Corp

   Oil & Gas Properties Inc

   Bradshaw Holdings Inc

   Marine Petroleum Corp

   Hidef Trading LLC

   Cross Timbers Royalty Trust

   Fluid Inclusion Technologies

   O'conner Oil Co

   Warren Inc

   Showalter Holdings, LLC

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Oil and Mineral Royalties (11)

   Mine Core International Inc

   Tradition Royalties, LLC

   Sabine Royalty Trust

   Brett H. Lewis Oil Properties, LLC

   Matthew S Fatheree

   Mine Core International Inc

   Royal Gold Inc

   Apex Resources Group Inc


   San Juan Basin Royalty Trust

   Concord Land & Minerals, LLC

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