Offices of Holding Companies, NEC

42,255 companies in Offices of Holding Companies, NEC


Offices of Holding Companies, NEC (42,255)

Holding Companies, Nec, Nec (5)

   HGS Global Holdings Corporatio

   Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc.

   Trg Holdings, LLP

   Trifecta Capital Management Inc.

   Eab Holdings LLC

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Holding Utilities Companies (23)

   Laclede Group Inc

   Uil Holdings Corp

   Ni Source Inc

   Connecticut Water Service Inc

   Allegheny Energy Inc

   Integrys Energy Group Inc

   First Energy Corp

   Mid American Energy Holdings

   E on North America Inc

   Pg&E Corp

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Investment Holding Companies, Except Banks (5,780)

   Trivin Holdings, Inc

   Mattoon Investments LLC

   Ross Investments, Inc

   Max 5 Holdings LLC

   Ball Pan-European Holdings, Inc

   King Investments

   Lab Corp

   Bed Bath & Beyond Of Colonie, Inc (Ny)

   Nisbet Investment Corp

   Club Ko Kickboxing

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Non-Bank Holding Companies (33,447)

   Jrsy Realty Holdings LLC

   Iridium Holdings, Inc

   Msn Holdings, LLC

   New Waverly Holdings, Ltd

   Allen Family Holdings LLC

   Pb Holding Company L L C

   Barnard Holding LLC

   Speer Holdings LLC

   Randolph Holdings Inc

   Havens Holdings Inc

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Personal Holding Companies, Except Banks (2,676)

   Chintec LLC

   Hooman Pontiac Gmc Buick

   Foster Holding Group, Inc

   Ohana Holdings, LLC

   Transit Inc Whaling City

   Armadillo Ventures LLC

   Family Retail Group, Inc

   J Romero

   Jcd Holding Inc

   Voyager Gas Holdings, L P

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Public Utility Holding Companies (277)

   Gemco National Industrial Security, L L C

   Fred's Restaurant Holding Company, LLC

   Direct Mail Holdings Inc

   Plesis Holdings, Inc

   Emsi Holding Company

   Energy Transfer Partners Gp Lp

   Consultant & Planners Inc

   Utah Power & Light

   Sears Holdings Publishing Company, LLC

   Astria Solutions Group, LLC

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Restaurant Holding Companies (47)

   Rennco Enterprises

   Metromedia Restaurant Group

   Boone Enterprises

   Hurricane Amt LLC

   Dewey Beach Enterprises Inc

   S & J Restaurants Inc

   C H James Rstrnt Holdings LLC

   Thunder Mountain

   Npc Restaurant Holdings Inc

   Sokol Enterprises

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