Offices of Holding Companies, NEC

42,255 companies in Offices of Holding Companies, NEC


Offices of Holding Companies, NEC (42,255)

Holding Companies, Nec, Nec (5)

   Trg Holdings, LLP

   Eab Holdings LLC

   Trifecta Capital Management Inc.

   HGS Global Holdings Corporatio

   Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc.

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Holding Utilities Companies (23)

   Connecticut Water Service Inc

   Laclede Group Inc

   Edison International


   E on North America Inc

   Sempra Energy

   Dte Energy CO

   Alliant Energy Resources

   First Energy Corp

   Allegheny Energy Inc

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Investment Holding Companies, Except Banks (5,780)

   Clear Channel Management Service

   Austin J Ballion Attorney

   Comvest Capital Corporation

   Ntce Broadway Properties Ltd

   Ricor Inc

   Kuwamura Holdings, Ltd

   Abnor Corp

   Short Holdings LLC

   Nogales Theater Land Company, LLC

   Macarthur Holdings, LLC

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Non-Bank Holding Companies (33,447)

   Trinity Vintners Investment Holdings LLC

   Maximilian Real Estate Holdings, LLC

   Central Illinois Railroad Holdings LLC

   Hdc Holdings Inc

   52nd Ave Holdings LLC

   Jcr Holdings LLC

   Affordable Holdings, L L C

   Minglewood Holdings LLC

   Rdw Holdings Inc Dba Waterstone Development

   Rand Worlwide Us Holdings

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Personal Holding Companies, Except Banks (2,676)

   J Romero

   Hvac Aquistion Company Inc

   Crystal Lake Holdings, LLC

   West Truss Inc

   Oakwood Investment Group, LLC

   Winterbok Inc

   New Cie Energy Holdings, LLC

   Forch Holdings, LLC

   Merland Inc

   Koury Real Property LLC

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Public Utility Holding Companies (277)

   Crown Partners LLC

   Brockway Holdings, LLC

   Bruleen LLC

   D T E Capital Corportation

   City Of Chicago

   Pse & G Fuel Corp

   Primerica Financial Service

   Estate Of Aaron M Hopkins Holding Group LLC

   Oak Grove Holding Inc

   Imagine One Resources

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Restaurant Holding Companies (47)

   Raving Brands Holdings Inc

   Boone Enterprises

   Matchplay Management Group Inc

   Hurricane Amt LLC

   Coffee Holding CO

   Jgl Enterprises Inc

   Rennco Enterprises

   C H James Rstrnt Holdings LLC

   Reise Org

   Bpm Restaurant Holdings LLC

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