19,821 companies in Government


Government (19,821)

Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management (1)

   Soil Enviroment Services

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Courts (898)

   Ministry Of Justice

   Legal Services Commission

   Canterbury Combined Court Centre

   Hmp Winchester

   Children & Family Court Advisory & Suppo

   Court Service Agency

   Ministry Of Justice



   Crown Court Team

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Executive Offices (1,892)

   Office For National Statistics

   Nicola Blackwood Mp Oxford West & Abingdon

   Rachel Reeves Mp Leeds West

   Consulate General Of India

   National Probation Service

   Northumbria Probation Service

   Barbara Keeley Mp Worsley & Eccles South

   Asylum & Immigration Tribunal

   The Lebanese Embassy

   David Crausby Mp Bolton North East

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Fire Protection (506)

   Hampshire Fire Protection Ltd

   West Midlands Fire Service

   Kent & Medway Towns Fire Rescue Authority

   Strathclyde Fire Safety

   A F S Fire Safety Consultants Ltd

   Detek Fire & Security Services Ltd

   East Sussex Fire Brigade

   Northern Rail Ltd

   Essex County Fire & Rescue Service

   Guardian Fire Protection Ltd

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Legislative Bodies (4,948)

   Reading Primary Care Trust

   William Chaplyn's Charity

   London Borough Of Brent

   Department For Transport

   Nhs Quality Improvement

   South Hams Community & Voluntary Services


   Mcmanus Galleries

   Registration Of Births Deaths & Marriages


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Police Protection (998)

   Police South Yorkshire Police Police Headquarters

   Royal Ulster Constabulary

   Stapleford Police Station

   Hm Prison Service

   Police Lothian Borders Police East Midlothian Dalkeith Police Sta

   Gloucestershire Constabulary

   Police Service Of Northern Ireland

   Metropolitan Police Service

   Cheshire Constabulary

   Metropolitan Police Service Streatham Police Station

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United States Postal Service (10,578)

   Pather Sub Post Office

   Drumgath Post Office

   Post Office Ltd

   Post Office Ltd

   Post Office Ltd

   Martin Retail Group Ltd

   Post Office Ltd

   Post Office Gallery Wan

   Daniels, S

   Post Office Ltd

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