19,918 companies in Electrical


Electrical (19,918)

Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Electric Lighting Fixtures (21)

   Ora Lighting Ltd

   Luxonic Lighting Plc

   Robert Dent & Son Ltd

   J B Pressings

   A L D Lighting

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Current-Carrying Wiring Devices (1,739)

   Defence Security Systems Ltd

   Gardiner Security Ltd

   Holman Security Systems

   Challenger 2 Ltd

   Hardy, Brian

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Electric Lamp Bulbs and Tubes (38)

   Mallatite (Scotland)

   The Parking Shop

   Lux Traffic Controls Ltd

   Knight Design Lighting

   Conemasters Ltd

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Electrical Equipment for Internal Combustion Engines (11)

   Standard Motor Products Europe Ltd

   Wigan Alternators

   Alloa Auto Electrics

   Lucas Industries Ltd

   Global Domestics

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Electrical Industrial Apparatus, NEC (975)

   Conquest Entertainment Ltd

   Phasa Ltd

   Telesound Ltd


   Gainsborough Electronic Controls Ltd

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Electrical Work (15,000)

   Dgh Security & Electrical Installations Ltd

   Rmds Ltd

   Satellite & Aerial Services

   Ampco Engineering Ltd

   Aah Electrical

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Electronic Parts and Equipment, NEC (1,159)

   Communications & Surveillance Systems Ltd

   Thorcom Systems Ltd

   Arrow Electronics Ltd

   Seme Nedis Ltd

   Vodafone-Central Ltd

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Lighting Equipment, NEC (579)

   A L D Lighting Ltd

   Rutland Lighting

   Marine Lighting (U K) Ltd

   Njo Technology Ltd

   Fluorel Ltd

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Primary Batteries, Dry and Wet (205)

   T M F Batteries Ltd

   Battery Distribution Group Ltd


   Battery Contacts International

   Watchbattery (Uk) Ltd

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Relays and Industrial Controls (36)

   Boatlifters Ltd

   Edwards Electrical

   Brian Taylor

   Small Electric Motors Ltd

   Barwit Control Systems (Process Control) Ltd

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Storage Batteries (5)

   Spectrum Brands (Uk) Ltd

   Moltech Power Systems (U K) Inc

   Eevrc Ltd

   Ultralife Batteries (Uk) Ltd

   Charger Bay Solutions

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Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus (150)

   Merlin Control Systems Ltd

   Response Drive Support Ltd

   S P Electrical Services


   General Panel Systems Ltd

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