Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas

893 companies in Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas


Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas (893)

Coal Gasification (3)

   Swan Hills Synfuels Ltd

   Swan Hills Synfuels Limited Partnership

   Westwood Energy Systems Inc

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Natural Gas Production (192)

   Devon Canada Corporation

   Arc Resources Ltd


   Mato Inc

   Echo Energy Canada Inc

   Atco Gas And Pipelines Ltd

   Halkirk Resources Ltd

   Triple D Technologies Inc

   Mutual Oil & Gas Ltd

   Cansearch Resources Ltd

   Arc Resources Ltd

   Wentworth Resources Limited

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Oil Crude (174)

   Brand S Resources Ltd

   Rigel Oil And Gas Ltd

   Plains Midstream Canada

   Northrock Resources Ltd

   Summit Resources Ltd

   Eog Canada Resources Ltd

   Taze Olives & Olive Oil

   Esprit Exploration Ltd


   Nexen Canada Ltd

   Win Energy Corp

   Cavell Energy Corp

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Oil Sand Mining (23)

   Syncrude Canada Ltd

   Fort Hills Energy L P

   840545 Alberta Ltd

   Laricina Energy Ltd

   Meg Energy Corp

   Blacksteel Oil Sands Inc

   Syncrude Canada Ltd

   Titanium Corporation Inc

   Transfield Asset Management Services Ltd

   Osum Oil Sands Corp

   Klemke Mining Corporation

   Sunshine Oilsands Ltd

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Oil Shale Mining (3)

   Avenex Energy Corp

   Energy Fuels Inc

   Avenex Energy Corp

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Oil and Gas Producers (498)

   Enerplus Corporation

   Penn West Petroleum Ltd

   Doxa Energy Ltd

   Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd

   Brant Exploration Ltd

   Calcrude Oils Limited

   Base Oil & Gas Ltd

   Bp Canada Energy Company

   Canadian Natural Resources Limited

   Contour Energy Ltd

   Equal Energy Ltd

   Northway Holdings

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