16,148 companies in Electrical


Electrical (16,148)

Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Electric Lighting Fixtures (81)

   Eclairages Pa-Co Inc, Les

   Lucebella Inc

   Barbican Architectural Products Ltd

   Electric Vinyl Inc

   Philips Electronics Ltd

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Current-Carrying Wiring Devices (69)

   Spider Mfg (Kelowna) Inc

   Ofi, Inc

   Paratonnerres Montreal Inc

   El-Co Ceram Inc

   Multiconnect Outlets Incorporated

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Electric Lamp Bulbs and Tubes (60)

   Osram Sylvania Ltd

   Abat-Jour Decor Etc Inc

   Design & Conception Breton & Associes Inc

   Verrieres Du Quebec Inc

   Mattson Technology Canada Inc

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Electrical Equipment for Internal Combustion Engines (103)

   Ascot Alternator

   Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company Limited

   Skyjack Inc

   Ael-Span Llc

   Cpk Interior Products

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Electrical Industrial Apparatus, NEC (43)

   Condensateurs Spyrtech Inc

   Global Thermoelectric Inc

   Eco Energy

   Innovation Plus Power Systems Inc

   3601251 Canada Inc

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Electrical Work (12,798)

   Brindle Electrique Entreprises, Les

   Rikan Electric Inc

   Guaranteed Maintenance Services Limited

   Cable & Son Telecom Ltee

   Bradco Electrical Services Ltd

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Electronic Parts and Equipment, NEC (2,317)

   Panavideo Inc

   Visual Education Centre Limited

   David Printe Company Inc

   Pro Active Integrated Systems Ltd

   Rachael & Stephen (Canada) Development Inc

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Lighting Equipment, NEC (92)

   Ayrmetes Advanced Cognitive Technologies

   Applied Strobe Technology Company Ltd

   Jbwand Inc

   Reginald Bennett International Inc

   Masonite International Corporation

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Primary Batteries, Dry and Wet (19)

   Bolt Battery Manufacturing Inc

   Gustavsson, Frederik Inc

   Exide Technologies Canada Corporation

   Systeme De Batterie Interstate Inc

   Oldham Batteries Canada Inc

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Relays and Industrial Controls (373)

   East West Elevator & Crane Inc

   Kootenay Controls Ltd

   Grimard Ca Inc

   Adwel International Ltd

   Troy-Ontor Inc

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Storage Batteries (32)

   Energizer Canada Inc

   Intelligent Batteries Inc

   Interstate Batteries

   Energizer Canada Inc

   Umicor Inc

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Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus (161)

   Switchworks Technologies Inc

   Campo Controls Limited

   Controles Electriques Enertec (1989) Inc, Les

   Levesque, Gaston

   Lucart Automation Inc

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