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Legal (454,758)

Legal Services (429,192)

   Waggoner Village Office

   Beck & Eldergill

   Patrick R Schultz Attorney

   John H. Ruby & Associates

   Law Office Of Randi L Cra

   David J Ward Attorney

   Matrimonial Caselaw Corp

   Erin E Walsh Attorney

   John J Warring Attorney

   Timothy E Durant Attorney

   Zandra L Johnson Attorney

   James H Frazier III Attorney

   Fischel Mohar & Fanning Law

   Daria L Pratcher

   Christopher S Cooke Pc

   Imigrar Usa Services

   Friedberg & Bunge

   Eric A Shappell Attorney

   Katherine M Smith Attorney

   Mark A Prost Attorney

   Marc A Zametto Attorney

   Mitchell B Pollack Law Offices

   Arthur F Fergenson

   Christopher Bagley Attorney

   Live Office LLC

   John R Crumpler Jr Attorney

   Donald S Kaufman MD

   Segal Mc Cambridge & Singer

   Castro Legal Service

   Elizabeth M Myers Attorney

   Richard D Hoeg Attorney

   Travis Payne Attorney

   Oden Greene & Thompson

   Julie Veit Attorney

   Brian J Waid Attorney At Law

   Tat Tribal Law Enforcement Services

   Reagan N Ashe

   Edmund J Matko Attorney

   Laura M Comek Attorney

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Trusts, Except Educational, Religious, and Charitable (25,566)

   J F Air LLC

   Steinberg, Randee

   Douglass Family Trust

   Myers Glenn Trust

   Vanmatre Family Trust

   Barbara J Markley Trustee

   Holton Investment Group, L P

   Jackson Township Trustees

   Southtrust Bank 816

   Trust Of Rich

   Buer Den Foundation

   First Trust Real Estate Ltd

   Haymarket Trust

   Birmele Ent Karpathia Trust

   Thornberry LLC

   Ellis Family Ltd

   Old North State Trust LLC

   Oberweis Foundation

   John W Wise Caring Trust

   Chester Land Trust Inc

   Alfred L Boutiette Trust Fbo

   The Riddle Trust

   Miller Family Trust 07 21

   Northern Lights Variable Trust

   Abbas Osman Family Trust

   First Industrial Realty Trust

   Trust Of Madzelan

   James E Westerfield Sr Trust

   Stephanie M Miller Trustee Of

   Zimmerman Family Trust

   Donald J Nicholi Revocable

   Norwest Trust

   H J Henter

   United Way Of Central Kentucky, Inc

   Gemini Trust Inc

   Housing Trust

   Hoekstra Family Louie Trust

   Seenu Rao Memorial Scholarship Trust

   Highland Group LLC

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