Offices of Holding Companies, NEC

42,255 companies in Offices of Holding Companies, NEC


Offices of Holding Companies, NEC (42,255)

Holding Companies, Nec, Nec (5)

   Trifecta Capital Management Inc.

   Eab Holdings LLC

   Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc.

   Trg Holdings, LLP

   HGS Global Holdings Corporatio

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Holding Utilities Companies (23)

   Wisconsin Energy Corp

   Vectren Corp

   Alliant Energy Resources

   Uil Holdings Corp

   Intermountain Energy

   E on North America Inc

   Agl Resources Inc

   Mge Energy Inc

   Pg&E Corp

   Connecticut Water Service Inc

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Investment Holding Companies, Except Banks (5,780)

   Tsl Company Holdings, Ltd

   Sportcraft Acquisition, Inc

   Du Motier Corporation

   Quarry Road Holdings, LLC

   Butler Holdings Inc

   Sec Holdings Corporation

   Hudson River Pilots Assoc

   Leisure Sports, Inc

   Broadlane Holdings, LLC

   Peart's Holdings LLC

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Non-Bank Holding Companies (33,447)

   Sayer Holdings, Inc

   Sunnyvale Land Holdings, LLC

   Lose Weight I LLC

   Frances Holdings, LLC

   Km Holdings, LLC

   Galileo Holdings LLC

   Gae Holding Company

   In Stone Holdings Inc

   Kabana Holdings, LLC

   Lesma Holdings LLC

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Personal Holding Companies, Except Banks (2,676)

   Debenedictis Family Llp

   Crazy Dazy

   N S Connection Ventures LLC

   Progressive Culture, LLC

   Acc Holdings Inc

   Lawrence B Hendry Consulting

   Edc Holding Company, LLC

   Bicknell Family Holding Company, LLC

   Quinn Industries

   Amurcon Corp

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Public Utility Holding Companies (277)

   Luscious Nyc

   Ssc Equity Holdings LLC

   Dharma Power Company

   1400 Victoria LLC

   Global Granite Llp

   Buffalo Ridge Iii LLC

   Plastic City Utility Inc

   Worleyparsons Us Holding Corporation

   W M D & Associates Inc

   Pgs Resoures LLC

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Restaurant Holding Companies (47)

   Bpm Restaurant Holdings LLC

   Kerry CO

   Matchplay Management Group Inc

   Dine Equity Inc

   Pappas Restaurants

   All Star Home Solutions Inc

   Rennco Enterprises

   Jensen Ventures Inc

   Galardi Group Inc

   United Express Foods CO

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