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B4k Battary LLC

336 Westwater Way
NC 28301-3125
Phone: 910-922-4471

Category: Batteries, Rechargeable
Email: moc.oohay@yrattabk4b

Company representatives

Nathan Jackson, COO
Phone: 910-922-4471
Email: moc.oohay@yrattabk4b

Nathan Jackson, Chief Operating Officer

About B4k Battary LLC

We sell portable batteries that will charge 99.9% of portable electronic devices on the go.

Unlike similar devices with only one steady output, B4K hand held portable chargers provides customers with 5 different voltage selections. Our small hand held charger will store 4-5 times the energy of a cell phone and our large hand held charger will run a laptop 3-5 hours, a notebook 4-6 hours, and also comes with a bulit in 5V USB port. We also have a small jump starter that will fit inside a standard glove compartment of a vehicle. Simply plug it into your power-outlet and start an automobile with a dead battery without getting out of your car. We also provide a power vest that a solider can wear during warfighting times providing him/her up 96 hours of additional power. All products are based with a rechargeable Lithium chemistry. Green and CleanTechnology

Products and Services

  • Portable Power

Business categories

  • Batteries Manufacturers

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Single Location


2 to 4

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  • B4K Digital Portable Power Supply


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