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Collage Center

3000 2nd Ave Ste 100
NE 68847
Phone: (308) 234-9880

Category: Abortion Alternatives Organizations

Company representatives

Gay Pillotson, Executive Director

Gaye Tillotson, Executive Director

About Collage Center

Collage Center offers free pregnancy tests, free limited obstetrical ultrasounds and after abortion help. It's a safe and confidential place.

No one ever plans for moments when the future seems uncertain and full of questions; when fear holds them in place but it doesn't feel like the world stops to care. You deserve to be reminded that even when the plan doesn't look like what you thought it might, there is a new picture of life that can take the unexpected and create something beautiful. Collage wants to support you through these times. So, take a few minutes to check out our website. Then when you're ready, give us a call.

Products and Services

  • Abortion Alternatives

Business categories

  • Pregnancy Counseling Services and Information


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