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Crego Sonar Imaging

1205 Patriot Dr.
LA 70458
Phone: 985-640-3630

Category: Sonar Systems and Equipment

Company representatives

Bernie Crego, Owner

Bernie Crego, owner

About Crego Sonar Imaging

Our company offers underwater imaging for many different applications including pipeline inspection, structural inspection and salvage retrieval.

Efficient, cost-effective underwater imaging service provided by a reliable and experienced team
Using a side scan sonar (600 or 1200 kHz), the team produces images and location data for underwater points of interest
Identify objects as small as a cinder block
Run a pipeline survey when barges and/or boats are anchored above
Under good conditions, image a 3" pipeline
Locate objects partially buried in the bottom
A Proton 3 magnetometer is used for nonferrous objects under the bottom that cannot be located with the sonar

Products and Services

  • sonar imaging

Business categories

  • Underwater Photographers
  • Marine Salvage


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