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Oak Trails Montessori School

6727 Warren Road
Ann Arbor
MI 48105-9721
Phone: (734) 662-8016

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Company representatives

Nanette Glencer, Administrator

Nanette Glencer, Aministrator

About Oak Trails Montessori School

Oak Trails School provides early childhood education for children ages three to six in a rural setting.

Oak Trails School, the first Montessori school in Michigan, provides a high quality education to children three through six years of age in a rural setting in northeastern Ann Arbor, MI. It is the closet thing to homeschooling out side the home. We provide an environment free of media characters. We respect the environment indoors and outdoors by reusing, reducing, recycling, and composting. We incorporate nature into the daily lives of children.

The children are spoken to in a positive format, and we explain what to do rather than telling them what not to do. We practice unconditional teaching. that is we work with children to problem solve rather than withholding approval (love), time outs, or punishments based on Alfie Kohn's books "Punished by Rewards" and "Unconditional Parenting."

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