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400 Oyster Point Blvd. #417
South San Francisco
CA 94080
Phone: 888-228-0143

Category: Online Services Technology Consultants

Company representatives

Rick Fallahee, CEO

Rick Fallahee, Owner


World Leader in providing Quickbooks and other application hosting for small and medium sized businesses.

NovelASPect provides managed IT support for a fixed monthly fee, resulting in an overall decrease in your hosting costs and an overall increase in your service levels and productivity. Our services include:

1) Hosted Applications - Quickbooks, Practice Management, Office, etc. Any Windows based application can be hosted
2) Hosted E- Mail - 24x7 anywhere access to your email through your phone, web browser, PC, MAC, etc.
3) Hosted Servers - All maintenance, upgrades, backup, diaster recovery, security is handled by the experts at
4) Hosted Telephones - For a small investment in VOIP phones, convert you office phone system to VOIP.

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud gives you increased productivity and reduced costs versus managing IT yourselves.

Products and Services

  • Quickbooks Hosting
  • Managed Services
  • Email Hosting


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