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Huntington National Bank

2252 Burlington Pike
Boone County Library Metro Area
KY 41005-7831
Phone: (859) 586-7100

Category: Federal Reserve Banks
Email: moc.notgnitnuh@gnol.htebazile

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(859) 586-8764 (Fax)

Company representatives

Lynn Williams, Manager

Beth Long, Business Banking Specialist

Michael Goodare, Legal Professional

About Huntington National Bank

Business Banking Specialist. Primary focus is to help the small business owner with lending and banking needs.

Work with new, old small businesses on their financial needs. Huntington National Bank has excellent on-line banking which is actually ranked in the top 5 in the Nation.

Specialize in SBA lending.

Products and Services

  • Lending
  • On-Line Banking
  • Deposit Accounts

Opening Hours

Traditional banking hours with flexibility to come to your office or business location.

Business categories

  • National Trust Companies With Deposits, Commercial
  • Banks

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5 to 9

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