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Women's Small Bus Assn

248 Allison Ave
PA 15202
Phone: 412 250 7905

Category: Business and Trade Organizations
Email: sw.absw@rellims

Company representatives

Susan Miller, Founder and Owner
Phone: 412 250 7905

Susan Miller, owner

Susan Miller, Founder and Owner

About Women's Small Bus Assn

WSBA is a resources for women to connect, learn practical and professional strategies from nationally and locally recognized experts, and network with

Our mission: To become a valuable resource to business women, by helping and stimulating small and start up business throughout PA., through networking, opportunities, and education.

One of the most important goals of the WSBA is to foster women's economic independence by helping them develop skills needed for entrepreneurial success. WSBA believes strongly that self-employment is a viable and a needed option for all women.

This resource unites business women! You and your business will grow, because the members of WSBA want to be your support team! There is no fee to join WSBA as a general membership! When you sign up under this site, you will then become a general WSBA member.

Products and Services

  • Education
  • Mentoring
  • Community Support

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Less than $100,000


5 to 9

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