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Memoir Media Productions, LLC

1480 Goodwood Court
FL 32308-4652
Phone: (850) 599-9997

Category: Video Editing

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Company representatives

Marianne Tatum, Owner

Rachael Moore, Web Designer

About Memoir Media Productions, LLC

Founders Marianne Tatum and Art Carlson combined their artistic and journalistic careers to preserve life stories in the form of a legacy video.

Most of us have suffered the loss of a loved one - a beloved grand parent or parent - at some point in our lives.

We all have memories that we should be able to keep forever. That is why Memoir Media was conceived - to capture oh-so-special personalities on film while in the fullness of life - before illness or memory loss dims the unique characters we so love.

Our legacy videos are not just a tribute or memorial film - although they can be used as such. They are much, much more: we use our many years of experience in television and film to reveal not just the personality of our clients, but to discover their very essence - that unique zest for life that makes each one the utterly special being he or she is.

Products and Services

  • Legacy Videos

Business categories

  • Video Production and Taping Service

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Single Location


2 to 4

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EMMY award winning journalist on staff


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