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Antics Flipbboks

WI 53744
Phone: (608) 770-7999

Category: Events Photographers
Email: moc.skoobpilfscitna@ofni

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Company representatives

Chris Van Dyke, Owner

Sarah Van Dyke, Owner

Chris Van Dyke, owner

About Antics Flipbboks

Madison's first mobile flipbook studio! At your next event, we'll take short videos of your guests and immediately create flipbooks as mementos!

Antics Flipbooks brings one of the newest event entertainment concepts to Wisconsin! When you invite us to your event, your guests get to step in front of our camera and make a short video clip using props, signs, and their own creativity. In just a few short minutes, we then transform that video clip into a personalized flip book that they can take home.

Our flip books also make great marketing materials for your business or artwork. Send us a video or pictures that showcase your product or art and we'll turn it into a unique "business card" that guarantees attention when you hand it out!

Allow us to create flipbooks commemorating your vacation, kids at play, or your adorable pet!

Products and Services

  • Event Entertainment
  • Better than a Photobooth


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