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Buki the Clown English-Spanish

1 Clown Home
CA 94501
Phone: (510) 522-2229

Category: Childrens Parties
Email: moc.oohay@nwolcehtikub

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Buki Clown, Buki the Clown

About Buki the Clown English-Spanish

Buki the Clown is a Bay Area favorite who delights children with her hilarious silly magic show, masterful face painting, and really fun balloon art.

Kids love Buki because Buki loves Kids.

Buki is the Bay Area's most famous children's entertainer who has performed at thousands of birthday parties. Parents are delighted to hear their children's belly laughs during Buki's Silly Magic Show. Her face painting adorns each child allowing them to BE their fantasy princess, animal or super hero. She uses top-of-the-line cosmetic quality facepaints which wash off with water and are comfortable. Her balloon designs are innovative and fun. Kids love playing with their Buki balloons!

Buki is always prompt, and shows up in a clean and colorful costume, Buki is a Children's Fairyland favorite, paints the clowns in the Oakland parade, and is beloved throughout the Bay Area for giving 100% of herself 100% of the time.

Products and Services

  • children's entertainment
  • Magic Shows
  • Face Painting

Business categories

  • Clowns
  • Entertainers

Location Type

Single Location


$275,000 - $300,000


2 to 4

Years In Business



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