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Comforting Blankets

121 Gilman rd.
Bangor Mall Metro Area
ME 04401
Phone: (207) 735-7309

Category: Social Service and Welfare Organizations
Email: gro.steknalbgnitrofmoc@dnomudb

Company representatives

Bobbie Dumond, Prsident
Phone: (207) 735-7309
Email: gro.steknalbgnitrofmoc@dnomudb

Bobbie Dumond, Owner

About Comforting Blankets

Comforting Blankets gives blankets to cancer patients, at no cost to them.

About Comforting Blankets: Comforting Blankets started in March of 2007, hopes of helping the few cancer patients that we had on floor at that time. I could see our new friends in pain and that was hard to handle, so I wanted to be able to help them in some way. I was thinking; I was only a nursing tech, what could I do? Then I thought; I wished that I could be there for all of them…but how? This is when I came up with Comforting Blankets. As caregivers, we can’t be there all the time for all the patients and after their family leave, they will still have something to hold onto, a blanket. In a little over two year, Comforting Blankets has grown so much bigger then I had ever dreamed of. We have given out over 630 blankets to not only cancer patients at EMMC, on grant 6 Oncology and the pe

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