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524 Creative

61 Atlanta Street SE
Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art Metro Area
GA 30060-1977
Phone: (770) 419-0524

Category: Advertising Agencies
Email: moc.evitaerc425@suotklat

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Company representatives

Scott Wright, Principal
Phone: 770-419-0524
Email: moc.evitaerc425@thgirws

April Wright, Principal
Phone: 770-419-0524
Email: moc.evitaerc425@thgirwa

About 524 Creative

Corporate Branding & Identity | Marketing Strategy | Media Planning/Buying/Placement | Project Management | Graphic Design | Web Design/Management

524 Creative is a boutique advertising, marketing and PR agency focused on helping our clients achieve their goals. It might be as simple as rewriting copy for an ad or updating tradeshow signage to reflect a new logo. It could be as in-depth as a new marketing and advertising strategy, a completely new brand, or a PR blitz to make everyone aware of who you are and how you are changing the world. No matter what your goals are, our focus is on helping you achieve them.

We are proud to build relationships of trust and integrity with our clients and are dedicated to their success. We want to understand all facets of your business, from your objectives and client base to the state of the industry and how you fare against the competition. We want to go the extra mile, to give you that spark,

Products and Services

  • Corporate Branding & Identity
  • Web Design/Management/SEO/SMO
  • Marketing Strategy

Business categories

  • Advertising Consultant

Location Type



$725,000 - $750,000


5 to 9

Years In Business



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