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1851 51 St.
NY 11219
Phone: 888-882-3669

Category: Advertising-Outdoor

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mendy zee, owner

Mendy Zee, Owner

About Ad Now

Advertising for heimish community

For centuries, advertisers have posted their messages on city walls, fences and scaffolds. In general, the process was a random one.

Today, our WILD POSTING outdoor advertising services are planned and organized to deliver the kinds of efficiencies that you expect from traditional advertising.

We go for the best locations, where street traffic is at its highest and visibility is most intense. Our posters are placed virtually anywhere - at construction sites, on framed street level boards, areas of renovation, on scaffolding, gates, fences, and barriers. To maximize effect, we can offer double or triple showings.

Ad Now! is a full service printer with everything , including design, production, prepress & bindery all under one roof. We have a dedicated, professional team that is c

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  • Wild Posting

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