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Runnerdude's Fitness LLC

2307 W. Cone Blvd.
Ste. 120
Intersection of W. Cone Blvd. and Battleground Ave. Metro Area
NC 27408
Phone: (336) 288-6155

Category: Personal Trainers-Fitness
Email: moc.ssentifsedudrennur@edudrennur

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Company representatives

Thad H, Principal
Phone: (336) 288-6155
Email: moc.ssentifsedudrennur@edudrennur

Thad McLaurin, Personal Trainer Running Coach

About Runnerdude's Fitness LLC

Supportive, Non-Intimidating Personal Training and Coaching for General Fitness, Beginning Running, Race Training, and Healthy Living

RunnerDude's Fitness provides a relaxed, fun, non-intimidating training in a small informal studio setting. Thad McLaurin (owner/trainer) knows that beginning fitness for the first time or returning after being away for a while can be very intimidating. Don't be mislead, you'll get a great workout, but one from a nurturing and motivating training. Thad's goal is to "Education not Imdimidate." He won't be yelling in your face. Thad also feels it's important to explain why the exercises you're doing are beneficial to you and your health. So, not only will you become fit, you'll learn more about your body and your musculoskeletal system. You'll also learn proper technique so when you workout at home or in your own gym, you'll feel confident you're doing the exercises safely.

Products and Services

  • Personal Training
  • Beginning Running
  • General Fitness

Opening Hours

Training sessions are by appointment. Check out the various fitness and running programs at the website and then call and set up a free consultation!

Business categories

  • Physical Fitness Instruction
  • Physical Fitness Facilities

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  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • USA Track & Field Association
  • National Personal Training Institute
  • Road Runners Club of America

Additional information

RunnerDude's Fitness is located along the newest stretch of the Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway making it a perfect location for group runs.


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