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ProTem Marketing Resources

4334 Roland Avenue
MD 21210
Phone: (410) 218-4919

Category: Marketing Consultants
Email: moc.gnitekrammetorp@rolyanj

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Company representatives

James Naylor, Principle
Email: moc.gnitekrammetorp@rolyanj

James Naylor, Outsourced Marketing Director / Writer

About ProTem Marketing Resources

ProTem Marketing Resources provides an experienced marketing professional on an as-needed basis for businesses, associations and non-profits.

If you could engage a senior level, experienced professional to direct your company??A?A?s marketing efforts for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee, would you consider it? Why pay full time salary and benefits, and provide office space and overhead, if you don??A?A?t need a full time marketing management?

ProTem Marketing Resources provides executive level experience (25+ year track record) increasing revenues for start-ups, b-t-b, associations and non-profits nationally. Affordably. ProTem provides a senior-level, experienced professional on a part time basis to lead a company??A?A?s marketing initiatives. ProTem allows business owners to engage an Outsourced Marketing Director for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

Evolutionary Marketing. The process that produces resu

Products and Services

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Planning

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  • Content Management
  • Business Writing

Additional information

Outsourced Marketing Director will work for your company: Engagement-based vs. full time employee Pay for time spent vs. salary + benefits Senior leadership vs. junior-level


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