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The Job Center Online

500 Alabama Ave
NY 11207
Phone: (718) 435-7866

Category: Sales Promotion

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andre john, manager

andre john, Owner

Andre John, Owner

About The Job Center Online

The Online Campus is the most innovative way to learn especially for working persons, busy professionals, students attending school and persons who ha

Author and Educator.
Given the pace at which technology is moving and the state of the economy, The Job Center like many other companies in order to ensure continuity of business must find creative ways to survive the economic meltdown. The Job Center has decided to take its services Online, using an online platform all its essential services are now offered via the internet. Persons can do their CXC Classes using their cell phones, lap tops or personal computers with internet connection. Given the success of The Job Center in delivering training programs and workshops including the Getting Job Ready Radio Program, the manager is confident that this website will be the number one avenue for learning and teaching online in Grenada. The Job Center has extended an invitation to persons who w

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